I knew better than to try it. I had heard so much about the "infamous" Tails Doll. I decided to play "Can You Feel The Sunshine" in my parents' dark bathroom around 12:30 A.M.

I hesitated before starting the track. What if it really WAS real? What if the Tails Doll really did come? I shook off the fear, knowing I was always a paranoid person and started the music. A moment passed and I began to feel relieved.

Nothing seemed to happen. There were no red lights, no mysterious shapes forming in the dark. I figured I was home free. Then the music stopped. My stomach tightened in fear.

"It stopped... I've never heard of THAT happening..." I muttered in fear. I hurriedly turned my head side to side, looking for the orange menace. I saw nothing, but was still unconvinced. I went out to tell my big brother the results of the curse (I had told him ahead of time that I was attempting it) and he was convinced it was absolutely nothing at all.

I rested easy for the night knowing my brother wasn't worried. However, it was only for that night. Every night afterwards, I felt uneasiness building up. Each night the fear and panic grew worse. I always felt a strange presence in my room each night as I laid in my bed.

I wondered if my plushies would help protect me as the Tails Doll Wiki said it would. I had a Tails plushie, a Shadow plushie, and a Cream plushie. I was aware that the Tails one may draw the Tails Doll to me, but the Shadow one should be able to hinder it. If the Shadow plushie didn't work, I could sing a bit of "City Escape" to try to stop it. It had been a week after I played the song, until finally I felt something touch my leg in bed.

I jumped at the soft touch. It was softer than the blankets covering me. I carefully lifted the blanket off the bed only to find... A pillow! I sighed in relief. I had accidentally fallen asleep and hadn't realized it.

I looked around the room to find my Tails plushie on the ground. I was wary about picking it up, but shook my worry and walked over to it. I picked it up and walked over to my desk. I was just about to set it down, but was interrupted by something once again bumping into my leg. My eyes widened and I began to panic.

"Please don't be the Tails Doll, please don't be the Tails Doll..." I began to think to myself. My thoughts were shattered by a simple voice. "Can you feel the sunshine?" It asked. It was quiet and soft... But also eerie and cold.

I looked down to see the Tails Doll's dark eyes looking into mine. "Eep!" I squeaked in fear, but was too paralyzed to run. The doll floated higher, slowly passing my waist "Does it brighten up your day?" it asked, continuing it's song. I dearly wanted to run, but I couldn't look away from it's eyes.

It finally reached my height. It's body slowly bobbed back and forth while it's red orb stayed still. I started to gain the will power to try to run, but the Tails Doll spoke up once more. "Please wait. I'm not evil... I'm just lonely. I don't want to scare people... Will you please be my friend...?" It quietly said with a small touch of sadness apparent in it's voice.

It seemed nice... Maybe it was truely the nice Tails Doll I had read about? I smiled and responded with a yes. The Tails Doll held it's hand out for what appeared to be a handshake. I trusted the Tails Doll and touched it's hand, only to see my bedroom fade away from the Tails Doll and I.

The red orb on it's head glowed brightly as I looked around in panic. "FOOL!" The evil doll cackled with malice and delight. "Such a gullible fool! You believed me? The Tails Doll? You're too trusting for your own good!" I slowly felt numb from fear. What was he going to do to me? Kill me, possess me, or maybe something even worse?

"I can see into your soul. You're such a pitiful girl. Always afraid of something, whether it be a simple rumor or a silly ghost story you remain filled with dread. What is it you truly fear? Why... It's to be forgotten... Isn't it?" It asked in a patronizing tone. How could he see into my soul like that? How could he know what I was like? What I feared most? It laughed again, but with a darker tone to it.

"Death would be too easy for a weakling like you... Why don't I make you suffer instead?" It said in a cold voice, it's previous humor lost. Suffer? How? "Don't forget what you've seen... Hahahahaha...." It cackled once more as I felt myself fall backwards into the black abyss below me. My eyes closed as I saw the Tails Doll raise it hand over it's head once more. I felt an excruciating pain on my right eye, as if he cut it. "Don't forget..." rang through my head once more before I completely lost consciousness.

I regained consciousness and opened my eyes. My right eye hurt badly as I opened it, revealing I could not see out of it at all. I noticed I was standing in my living room and headed into the bathroom. I looked into see that I had a large scar crossing over my eyelid and next to my nose.

My eye was still in tact, but the pupil was dull, showing that it no longer worked. I freaked out and ran to tell my parents, but to my shock they screamed. "Who are you?! What are you doing in our house?!" They screeched in fear. "W-What? I-I'm your daughter---" However, I was cut off by my mother. "I don't have a daughter! I only have a son! Get out before we call the police!" She screamed in panic.

I felt my body run cold. They didn't remember me? I managed to make myself leave my former home without my parents calling the cops. The Tails Doll made my family forget me. Did he do it to everyone else...? I had nowhere to go... "I'm alone..." I realized in agony as I fell to my knees and bawled in utter sorrow.

I'm now on a journey to find a way to reverse this. It seems the doll has prevented me from dying of lack of food or water... How he did these things I am unsure. I have no home, no family, and no friends. I have typed this document at a public library.

I pray you don't make the same mistakes I have. I'm not giving up. And to all of you who have suffered from the Tails Doll's hands, you shouldn't give up either. We're not alone.



It seems I can't write or say my real name... Let me try this again using an alias:


Nostalgia, A Girl Long Forgotten

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