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thumb|300px|right|credit song.WARNING!!!!!: This story is fan made. It may or may not show actule footage of the battle.


This story is about a living doll named tails doll. Tails doll is orange, Fuzzy, And pure evil. This is how it all started. A strange person gave eggman a plush doll that looked like tails. He took it to his lab quickly. And tied a string to his head. He then found a Dark red gem. The color of blood. He took it and tied it to tails dolls string. Then he awoke. Tails doll was born. Tailsd oll sucked souls of all inacint people. With all the souls he has possesd. He became so powerful he could teleport to differnt universe. Ps... Reality.... Sonic R was made. All these kids lined up to play it. But it countaind tails doll. More and more kids died because of the devil. Nothing could stop him. Until now... The 8 warriors are the only people who can stop him. But who are they? Read more and see. LORVINAS HOUSE: Hay lorvina come here! What's up? Want to play Sonic R? I herd that game was fun! Sure. Several hours later... Hay that tails doll guy gives me the creeps. Me too. Wait what the? Tails doll apperad on the television. AHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!! Warrior! Join me or Die!!!!!!!!!!!!! What?????? Lorvina did join him. But was it worth it? Next was Sacorguy79. SACOURGUY79'S HOUSE: Gosh I can't sleep. Waht if that stupid plush haunts me again. I can't let that happen. SaCOuRguY!!!!! What was that!!!.... OMG!!!! Sacorguy grabed his knife and held it to his neck. Big mistake warrior. Warrior??? Yes you are one of the 8. What I I didn't... SILENCE!!!!! Join me our die!!!! I will not join you!!!! But then a portal went behind sacorguy and sucked him in. He endead up being sonic In the green hill zone. Whoo this is awesome!!! Nooo!!! I can't let him escape. I will return later. Tails doll floated out of the room. Sacorguy told the story on tails doll wiki. I became interested in it. And asked him questions. But anyways. Lorvinas death: TAILS DOLLS PALACE: Huff Huff... I can't this is so tyring. Lorvina fainted from exsaougsten. Sleeping on the job huh? Please don't hurt me!!!! Tails doll grabed out a knife and stabed her in the heart. Lorvina was dead after that. Now get back to work!!!!! (Everyone worked even faster.) How could this get worse? One warrior dead. But their is still hope. Zeph. ZEPHS HOUSE: Zeph come on let's go play sonic R. Alright alright. This is fun isn't it? Yay. The same thing happend. Zeph is now a servant. TAILS DOLLS PALACE. Hay aren't you a warrior? Yay. Im puppy1. How are you? My name is Zeph. Alright. Don't try to make td to mad. He will kill you. Yikes!!! Don't want that to happen. What are you too talking about?! Uh.. Nothing!! That's what i thought. That was close. Anyways next. Regan??? Guy's be quiet. I gota get you outa here. Your a warrior right? No.. I can scense you are. What?? apart of tails doll's gem is inside of you too. O.O... ReGAn!!! All the sudden regan woke up in his bed. The dream was real anyways. Back with sacor. Me and sacorguy became real good freinds I told him how awesome he was. And he really apreciated it Anyway. Sacorguy went back to tails dolls palace to try and kill him. It didn't work when him and shadow did it. But still worth a shot. On the way he met shapeshifter. But tails doll captured him. He tourtured him. And then he sent me regan and palk to try and save him. We got him on the second try. Then I became good freinds with. Palk. Then as a couple. But wil get to that later. Anyway. Next. 6THSHADOW'S. 6thshadow is the strongest of the warriors. He also owns a living shadow doll. he was watching sonicx. When the tv went out. Are you freakin kidding me??? Work you peice of crap!! Then tails doll enterd the room. The strongest warrior. 6thshadow. Are you ready to die??? Then his shadow doll attacked tails doll and riped open his neck. 6th then stuffed a shadow the hedgehog game down his neck. AHHHHHH!!!!! Then tails doll transformed. He became robotic like and was now mecha doll. Im inpressed. We will meet again. Did he still my game? OW F****!!!! Next... After that puppy was starting to think I was a warrior. At one point I found out I was. Anyways.. PALKIA THE DRAGON'S HOUSE: Palk has been visited many time by tails doll. Tails doll even had her zeph and other warriors race. TD is all trying make her a servant. But her lover Ty will not let that happen.. Anyways. The death of zeph. TAILS DOLL'S PALACE. Puppy!! Get back to work!! Im not listening!!! Fine!!! Puppy!!! Zeph came out with an axe. Tails doll then ripped off zeph's head. And threw it too the ground.. Hahaha.. Pathetic. ZEPH!!! Your little freind is dead. Now get back to work... I will master. Good... Anyways the next warrior was seeker. Seeker was not belived to be a warrior until Zeph died. He was belived to be an assistant like lost god. Anyways. LUGIALOVERS HOUSE: Why am I getting all these messages??? And how come they are all threatning???? I better go visit the tails doll wiki. She then found out she was a warrior. And became good freinds with people on the wiki. But who is the 8th. PUPPY1!!!!!! After that the battle begins. You idiot!!!! There are over a thousand warriors!!!! 6th can we try this out first. Fine!!!! But only because I want to see you 7 suffer and die!!!! Okay guy's we have to turn into our sonic forms. Knuckles werehog super sonic sonic silver charmy tails shadow. Okay let's go! They all started running to tails dolls lair. They found him with the 7 fleetway emeralds!!!! Now I can harnace my power and became Super Mecha Doll yes and say hello to my wife cosmo doll along with my sonic doll clones. HAHaha!!!! We need emeralds and fast!!! Wait.. What puppy? We do keep the emeralds loked in a glass. Hurry let's get them!!! Of course super forms allways beat the apponet. And hyper! All the 8 warriors used the chaos emeralds energy to turn into their super and hyper forms. Lost god and ireflower and dragon star dust helped to. Anyways. thumb|right|500px|This is what the battle was like.

NOOOOOOOOooooo . Tails doll was dead. All was free!! THE END!!!thumb|right|500px|This too. All 8 warriors fuse. Knuckles tails are lost god and ireflower.thumb|300px|right|Make this go with the video. (Smbz.)thumb|300px|right|This to. (NU)

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