Tails doll vs chucky
Tails doll and Chucky are both alike. The are both haunted dolls. They both are evil. And they both cannot die. But at one point. Tails doll and Chucky had to face off. Tails doll and Chucky met when they both broke into a house at the same time. They saw each other. And decided to face off. Tails doll got out his knife. And so did Chucky. They threw the knives and they both hit eachother shatering into millions of pices. Chucky: Huh look's like I found someone with ecule streangh. Tails doll: Look's like I have a chalenge. They got out machine gun's and started shooting each other. They both ran out of bulets and started using grenades. They blew up and they both hit the wall. They ran out of weapons and started fighting eachother with their fist. Every blow made them loose more stuffing. 1 hour later. Tails doll found a knife laying on the ground. He grabed it and cut off chuckys head. And Tails doll has one the battle.

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