the info contained in this page will contain info about the first, the worst and the best info about the demon as well as tails doll related images and the odd peace of histery that shuld not realy be put on the interwebs

you can now edit grammer and spelling but nothing more

  • the first tails doll was a woman - their is proof of this if you reverse live and learn. i will post the evidence up tomorrow on youtube
  • the tails dolls have ranks
  • the lowly roaming ranked tails doll i've nicknamed hunters
  • the hunters are like the grunts [halo anyone? :P] of the TD world
  • hunters make the target look into there eyes and then take them into the darkness to join their ranks
  • tails dolls can appear human untill they find a target or untill tricked into changing
  • the first tails doll case happend in japan, date still unknown
  • their hatred of humans is because of what happened to the first TD
  • there is alwayes a chance of some of the 7 falling from grace (betraying the cause)
  • by doing any of the curses, you are pretty much screwed, unless you are one of the pure hearted ones
  • the gem is made of pure crystalised emotion
  • safety in numbers can work vise versa - so if you face more than 2 tails dolls just run
  • a tails doll bite can shatter bones
  • their siliver has anti-ageing properties
  • tails dolls are kitusuns
  • the tag curse started off on the gamecube, not the saturn
  • those that don't blieve are more likely no be attacked
  • making fun of the doll can have the same effect as not believing
  • codenames will not save you from the doll because thay will find you from your I.P. adress
  • quacker and bowen is a cursed website
  • tails doll's live in families
  • Tails doll has a weakness to the words: ONI AURUIS ZEVORAN GREY (thats how i receaved the anonimus mesage so don't judge me)
  • there is more than just tails dolls out there that would end all humanity if it could
  • the td rank that iv named scouts do just that, scout the area for non bilevers or in some cases try to find wayword that have defected to the side of humans
  • tails dolls that defect get more hell then any human gets. Ever.
  • the pure souls that get cought get the next most amount of punishment
  • rescent rumors sejest that the pure souls were desendence of the first tails doll
  • it looks like quacker and bowen/sonic r guy (the one who said he's going undercover) is deceaced. or at least MIA.
  • if you listen to live and learn reversed then you will hear 3 names of people. the names are sonya, one loud chin mark and lesley
here is the video:
Crush 40-live and learn reversed lyrics04:29

Crush 40-live and learn reversed lyrics

i made this

  • there is a possible link between the BEK's (Black eyed kids) mythos and the td, but this is still under investigation
  • it is believed that tails doll uses different mythos as a way to cover it's attacks as something else, and that the fannon on the Tails Doll partly influences the way it attacks
  • apparently the tails doll is dead, although i'm unsure.
  • sometimes they will stalk their targets for months

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