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  • My occupation is science and 2nd doll
  • I am boy werewolf and dino doll

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Werepuppy is a powerful Werewolf who is also a mage he is the gaurdian of the second pure heart wich was gaven to him by Yoshi Doll. He is very strong he can turn into a wolf, a were hog and a were chomp. He can turn into thoughs when ever he wants because of a spell he has.

Yoshi Doll

Yoshi Doll is a doll made by a young female yoshi native named Sushi and his and Sushi's village got attacked by Yoky and Sushi died and thats why Yoshi Doll wants revenge on Yoky. He was the gaurdian of the second pure heart but he pasted that job onto Werepuppy. Yoshi Doll hates TD really much but he doesnt want to kill him intell he saves miles doll. He is the captain of the five dolls.

Were's freinds same with YD

TheAmazingHypneegee, Puralleo , Palkia the dragon, Puppy1, Miles doll, Yoshi, Flame, Lost God, Ty Rezac, Rayventheinsane, daxterwolfchipmunk, GWG and gillory

Enemies of were same with YD

thedollsmessenger, TD, bowser, Dr Eggman, evil Lost God, Yoky, Yoky Doll, mecha yoshi and yoshar doll. AND MUCH MUCH MORE ENEMIES!

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