You know how people talk about the curse of the Tails Doll all the time?

It's fake, well, the curses.

Do not take this tale as another one of some person hating on believers to enrage them.

This is a tale about how you should never dive so deep into some myth on the internet.

This, is the tale of James.

James was a normal boy, usually playing video games and such, one day, he bought Sonic Gems Collection after hearing all the "myths" about the curses.

He completed the game in less than a day, did the curse, nothing happened.

He started to feel strange, feeling a orange glow in his vision once or twice a day, then they disappeared once he noticed.

James complained to his parents about him waking up, feeling like he was assaulted each time, this continued until his eventual death.

The reason for this?

In the coding of Sonic R, there's a glitch where a sound will play once you beat the game 100%, this sound is considered to make people go insane.

The sound sounds like a fire, then a crack.

James eventually committed suicide on April 24th, he left a note on his bed saying never to play Sonic R.

The story was picked up by many news channels, putting Sega in a tough position. They had to pull the original Gems Collection off the shelves and release a new version, this was heavily covered up by a company Sega hired to remove all evidence.

Before they removed all evidence, a skilled team of hackers got the original Gems Collection disk and used a program to hack into the files, they also bought a new copy of the game and did the same thing with it as well, comparing the two versions, they found many differences.

-The Tails Doll had 2 extra textures to its model, completely black squares. The hackers had no idea where these were put on the model, so they just thought of them as a glitch.

-The code for the game had about 10 extra codes, all relating to 100% saves.

-The sound was found, and the hackers changed it into a text file, the text file said this.


The hacker that converted the file was later paranoid, always saying that he felt like there was something in the same room as him.

After the hacker quit, his friends decided to continue the work on the textures.

They decided to edit them in Photoshop, tweaking it until something was visible.

A kids face, James face.

It was dark, eyes weren't even visible, the hackers decided to quit after the discovery, disbanding and never talking about it again.

Except for one.


The truth about it all?

Even though people talk about curses and how they'll "summon the Tails Doll", its all a lie.

The Tails Doll is summoned due to knowing too much about it, the noise is in to stop people from researching.

Well, i guess it's already too late for you then.

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