Many stories have been chronicled about the Tails Doll. Some seem more far-fetched than others though. This begs the question: Which ones are true and which ones are false? Not all accounts of "real" encounters and dream encounters tally up. There are huge differences in each; no clear pattern. Why is this so?

If this is real (which I highly doubt) then surely there would be a pattern somewhere. But looking through it all, there isn't. So is it false? One would have to believe so (which I do). But let's stop and consider for a moment; suspend our disbelief in such things for an instant. If all this were true, if an evil being like this exists, would "he" even be inclined to leave a pattern? Or would "he" just act chaotically?

Then again, this could all be something made up for entertainment. Nothing more than cheap laughs and scares for those who come online looking for such things. Or maybe that's what "he" wants you to think? Maybe that's why all the accounts don't add up into a coherent whole?

I know what I believe. But what do you believe? A made of story for fun? Or something darker and more sinister? So which is it?

True or false?

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