I've had the Game Sonic R on my PC for quite a while now and have completed the game entirely, so I don't do very much with it anymore, but I'll be glad I didn't do much with it now.

I was screwing with my computer's files for a while and I noticed that I still had the game.I open it and the regular stuff comes up.I select time trial and when the character select appears I look at the characters.

When I got to the Tails Doll I was like "What the crap?Why isn't it Metal Tails?"I Shrugged and then selected him.

The Tag thing began and I was to Tag Egg Robot, Metal Knuckles, Metal Sonic, and Super Sonic.It was several minutes later when I only had to tag Super Sonic.He was a pain to tag because of his speed and the crappy controls.

I had finally tagged him and The Tails Doll did a victory dance."Finally"I said.Then out of nowhere the computer just crashed which left me furious.I turned it back on and lord knows why I started playing Minecraft,and everything was normal until I noticed many of the animals looked orange and covered with blood.I thought it was just a glitch because of the crash, but when night hit in the game (it's 11:00 pm in real life by now) I noticed that the monsters (Such as Creepers, Zombies, Skeletons, etc.) were spawning in the pattern of a giant TD.

I ran into the mines and saw another user in them but I couldn't see who it was, so I started following them for a while and when I finally saw the user it looked exactly like the Tails Doll from the other game (except more Minecraft like).I supposed that it was the best time to go to bed by then, so I shut off the computer and went to bed.

I woke up the next morning with major cuts held together with stitching in the form of TD.

The Tails Doll passes on a virus that creates a genetic mutation, which also creates a form of control over whoever gets it.

The Sequel

With my hand having TD sewed into it people at school begin noticing it people begin making fun of it, except for one...Nathan, yet he and I did share the love of dirty jokes and stuff, we never really had any personal or direct links to each other.

He asked me to meet me near back of the school at 3:40.I thought he was gonna beat the crap outta me because of my sudden unpopularity, but it wasn't that.Instead he told me his story of the Tails Doll and showed me the scars to prove it.He asked me to meet him at his house later tonight and tell my parents it was a "Sleep over" or some late night party.

It was 9:00pm and I was halfway to Nathan's place.I tried to enter the area but the door was locked so I had to go in by breaking the window.I went into the living room and saw Nathan passed out on the floor.

"NATHAN!"I yelled running toward him.I saw that he was still breathing so I knew he wasn't dead,but after I did Can You Feel the Sunshine started playing  out of nowhere.I became very afraid at that moment, so I tried to turn on the light but nothing had happened.I looked out of the window to see that the power lines were cut, but this was the only house without light.

I turned around to see a red light in the form of a gem.A voice then sounded in my head saying "You Tried to destroy me,how arrogant!"I grabbed a nearby lamp and bashed its head.It then dropped to the ground, knocked out.

I ran over to Nathan again and tried to wake him up.Nothing.He would not wake up no matter what I did, but I did notice that there were small cuts in his neck just next to each other.I got up and ran to the window I entered from, but before I could I was knocked out by something.

The time was 5:00am when I woke up and the back of my neck felt very sore.I went back into the living room and saw Nathan sitting in the same spot he was while passed out, but he was facing away from me.I touched his shoulder and while also scaring the living crap outta me he hissed loudly at me and appeared like a half Tails Doll  half human with fangs.I ran out back toward the window this time making it out, but before that he made a major wound in my back.

I held the back of my neck because of the pain I was feeling there, and when I did I felt the same holes there as I saw on Nathan.


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