I shouldn't have done it.

Yes, I was too young to face the terror of the Tails Doll. I wasn't prepared for that kind of evil. But my pride blinded my and I totally paid the price for my foolishness. This is my story.

One Friday, after school, I walked down to the GameStop store. I wanted to buy a game for my GameCube. They were having a sale on Sonic games, all 50% off.

I wanted to buy Sonic R, mostly because I wanted to see why my friends were calling it "cursed".

Ozz, the owner of the GameStop (and only worker, at that), refused to sell it to me.

"Rae," he warned, "Why don't you rent Sonic Unlimited? It's a new copy, and at a quarter of the price!"

He was trying to bribe me away from the game, but i didn't fall for it. I begged him to let me buy it, bribing him for $20 more than the price of the game. He reluctantly gave me the game.

I thanked him, but he looked forlorn as I ran out the door, back to my apartment.

When I showed the game to Truan, my older brother, he went nuts!

"Are you crazy," he hollered, "Or insane?! You know that game is cursed! You're gonna get killed!"

"Look," I argued, "It's my game. I'll take whatever comes with it."

"Whatever comes with what?" My mom asked as she walked towards the door to leave for a three day bussiness trip.

"Nothing, Mom," I said quickly. "Absolutely nothing."

My brother went to bed as soon as I started playing. He wasn't willing to be a "target". By 8:30, I was 95% finished with the game. On the last race, I had an offer from the game: to play as the Tails Doll. I accepted. As I raced, I hummed along to the song played, which turned out to be "Can You Feel The Sunshine?". As I finished the race, I could've sworn the Tails Doll winked at me.

At 9:00, I awoke to a *ShLuMpY*. I sat up. A shadow scurried by. I thought it was a cat that might've crawled through the window. That's always happening.

"Hey there," I said gently, "Are you lost, sweetie?"

"No," came a raspy reply. "I tHiNk ThIs Is ThE rIgHt RoOm."

The shadow stepped into the moonlight. I saw a doll. It looked like Tails, but it had stitches, dark soulless eyes, and a blood red gem dangling from its head. The Tails Doll.

I was afraid, but I didn't want to show it. "What do you want?" I asked, trembling.

"ThErE's No NeEd To Be AfRaId," the doll purred, "JuSt HoLd StIlL!"

The doll jumped onto me before I could duck away. He pushed his claws into my neck, trying to choke me.

I pushed him away and he let go. I rolled to the floor and opened my cell phone. I called my mom, but it went to voicemail. Before I could breathe into my phone, the Tails doll ripped the phone out of my hand.

"SoRrY," he growled softly, "tHe NuMbEr YoU'vE rEaChEd HaS bEeN dIsCoNnEcTeD."

That's when I blacked out.

When I woke up, I was tied to my bed. The doll was on the other side of the room holding a bottle of peroxide.

"Oh, GoOd," he purred gently, "YoU'rE aWaKe."

He walked over to me. He leaned over and asked, "CoMfOrTaBlE?" I didn't answer.

He picked up one of my stuffed animals and ripped it open. He took some stuffing and poured the peroxide onto it.

"What do you want?!" I demanded.

The doll whispered, "A fRiEnD," and touched one of the raw claw marks on my neck with the peroxide. I wailed. It felt like he had touched it with boiling water.

"I hAvE a DeAl FoR yOu," he purred, "CoMe WiTh Me, AnD bE mY fRiEnD aNd PaRtNeR. wE cAn PuNiSh ThOsE wHo DoN'T bElIeVe. oR, i'Ll LeT yOu LiVe At A pRiCe."

"And that price is...?" I shook.

"ThInK oF iT aS aN eXpErImEnT," he growled."i WaNt To KnOw If PeRoXiDe BlInDs BeTtEr ThAn AmOnIa."

I shivered. I didn't want to be blind, but I didn't want to go with him either. I tore myself apart trying to choose.

Then, in walked Truan. I guess he came to check up on me. His eyes bulged when he saw the Tails Doll.

"Truan!" I begged. "Help me!"

He ran to me and undid one of the ropes that tied me to the bed.

"No!" the Tails Doll roared. "ShE's MiNe!"

The doll jumped onto Truan and wrestled him away from the bed. I undid the rest of the straps that held me to the bed.

When the Tails Doll saw I was free, he left Truan and jumped onto me. He slashed at my face and left deep gouges in my cheek.

"YoU wIlL cOmE wItH mE!" he roared.

Truan picked up my hockey stick and swung it. The end connected with the Tails Doll's gem that hung from its head. SMASH! It splintered, and the doll dissapeared with a horrified wail of rage.

After that, I vaugely remembered being picked up and carried into a big white truck. I remembered my brother's look of fear on his face. then I remembered nothing at all.

At the hospital, I was treated for a damaged neck, cheek, and loss of too much blood. My brother stood by me the whole time. Before I left, I got a letter. It was in red, so I knew it was urgent. The shade of red was upsetting, but I knew somehow it was important. I had to read it right away.

The letter was in red ink. It read, "I wIlL hAvE a PaRtNeR, aNd I wIlL hAvE yOu. I wIlL fInD yOu. -TD"

I shivered. I then recognised that shade of red. It was blood. My blood.

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