The Seven Pure Souls are seven powerful beings who are the only people able to permanently defeat the Tails Doll.

Properties of the Pure Souls

The Pure Souls vary from person to person and experience to experience. They typically have had an encounter with the Tails Doll even if they hadn't performed the Curse. Most of them have some sort of power, whether it be shapeshifting or pyrokinesis or even nothing at all, and they all have the unified power to potentially defeat the Tails Doll, should they combine their forces. The Pure Souls, as their name implies, each have a pure soul, the antithesis of the unclean Tails Doll, full of life and purity. Despite this, some Pure Souls are darker people, or even downright evil. A Pure Soul may transfer his or her power over to another being if he of she is close to death.

The Pure Souls

1# ???

To Be Found

#2. ???

To Be Found

#3. ???

To Be Found

#4. ???

To Be Found

#5. ???

To Be Found

#6. ???

To Be Found

#7. ???

To Be Found


  • There is an Eighth Pure Soul, shrouded in mystery. It is unknown if such a person is even existent or merely myth. It is unknown how this fits into anything.
  • The founder and moderator of Quacker and Bowan has been known to question the existence of the Pure Souls.

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