My life was great -- I had every next generation system, my friends were green with envy, and I lived in a $900,000 house. Now I am in a public library on a field trip from the orphanage!

Ok, I’m getting ahead of myself. It all started when I found this website after I heard about the Tails Doll on YouTube. I read all kinds of stories from here, old ones, new ones all that stuff. I thought it was all a load of BS. As others have done, I tried out the curse, both of the triggers. I beat Sonic R 100% and did a tag team race with SS and TD (with the help of my sister). Nothing happened. I played the music in my bathroom with all of my lights off (my bathroom has . . . had many mirrors). Nothing happened. I felt good about myself right about then, I had disproven the curse!

Or so I thought...

I went to bed the night I did the music trigger, for it was a school night -- Sunday actually -- and my sister doesn’t have school on Mondays so she stayed up. I awoke in the middle of the night and I realized I left my TV on, so I got up to turn it off. When I did so, I felt a chill crawl down my spine as a hand griped my shoulder. I jumped forward and turned around. It was my sister playing a prank on me. “Ha-ha, I gotcha little bro!” “Ah, I thought you were . . . never mind," I muttered, "How did you make me get that weird feeling?” “What weird feeling, all I did was-” those were the last words I heard from my big sister before her soulless body fell to the ground. “One down, three to go,” a sinister voice that some of us may be familiar with grumbled. The Tails Doll emerged from the shadows and tried to get me but I sped out of my room and through my house and onto the street. I waited for something to happen when I felt a grip on my shoulder again and I heard. “Can You Feel the Sunshine?” Everything went black after that and I sat up in my bed with the sunshine (the good kind) beating down on my face. Was it all a dream? If it was, then why would you be reading this? I got ready for school and went to ask my dad to bring me. I looked in my sister’s room to be sure, and I saw her body under the covers in the bed and was relieved.

My dad took me to school and I took my instrument to the band room (I played trombone) and everything was silent. No one was in the halls; it was deathly quiet except I could hear the words to “Can You Feel the Sunshine” echoing through the halls. I panicked as I realized that the body in my sister’s bed was probably her corpse, and the Tails Doll was coming for me. I ran into the band room, but it was pitch black. The door opened and I saw his red crystal float in. I could finally make out his silhouette, but he was right in my face. I couldn't feel anything -- absolutely nothing. But yet, I saw his crystal still, and then it vanished. I got up and limped to the hallway. I was trembling and I was as pale as a ghost. I think most of my soul was sucked out, but not all of it somehow. I collapsed onto the floor and a teacher asked if I was OK. I couldn’t answer, so she asked me my phone number, but I still couldn't answer. She asked me my address and I finally got the strength to tell her.

The principal took me there and my mom answered the door, and the principal explained what happened -- from her perspective, at least -- and my mom said that she had never had any children. I yelled, “It’s me, your son, Luke!” She looked puzzled at my name and said “Luke? We got this letter for a "Luke" by accident. It was delivered this morning.” I ripped open the letter and it said,

“Greetings, Luke

You have been spared, or have you? How will you live with no parents or family whatsoever? No riches or anything, and I can crush what’s left of your soul anytime I want. Beware, if you ever get riches or a family that loves you, your miserable life will be over. It is a pleasure making you suffer for all of your days.

Your executioner, The Tails Doll”

I now live in an orphanage as said before, and I will forever keep that letter to remind myself never to be happy again.

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