Hi. This is GoWeegeeGo, and I have a list of strange phenonemon that actually happened. Due to this, these unusual occurences are not as creepy or awesome-sounding as most other "TD Encounters". For more evidence of the truth of these events, I have included a list of witnesses to go with each one. 

NOTE: TinyTailsChat 3 is a guest account from TheAmazingHypneegee.


One day, I just so happened to be on this wiki's Chat with Puralleo and Gillroytheanglerfish when Puralleo decided to go on his TinyChat instead, and we were all invited. We talked for a while, and that was personally my first time on TinyChat. Gillroy (gillz) hooked up his video and I was able to see what he looked like. Puralleo put a YouTube Video of "Go Weegee Go Luigi Saves Princess Luna ." (Interesting name, huh?) We all took a few minutes to watch it until a random guest joined TinyChat. Before we could even say "Who R U?" he changed his nickname to "tailsdoll". We all took turns chat-screaming in horror until Puralleo blocked him, and the trouble seemed to have ended...

For now...


Puralleo and Gillroytheanglerfish.

TinyTailsChat 2

I thought I was through with TinyChat incidents...that was until 1 week later.

This phenomenon started the same way as the other one. This time, I was on this Chat with TheAmazingHypneegee and Gillroytheanglerfish (again) We all went on Gillroy's (gillz's) TinyChat this time. At some point, a random guest showed up. This is where we seemed to have forgotten. Some say it started as puralleo, while others say it was "tailsdoll". Nobody is sure. Anyway, he ended up impersonating as all of us. He changed his nickname to our original one every time we changed. Eventually he left, though nobody was sure if it was Puralleo, or worse...


TheAmazingHypneegee and Gillroytheanglerfish

TinyTailsChat 3 (From TheAmazingHypneegee)

This all happened today. So, I was on a random TinyChat. Nobody was on there. I thought it'd be a peaceful place to get away from everybody and all the chaos. Boy was I wrong. After 5 minutes of relaxing, that guest we've all seen came... he changed his nickname to tailsdoll, which is freaky, because this tiny chat was abandoned and I didn't give the link to ANYONE. He then said "Play with me..." and put up a Youtube video that for some reason NEVER stopped. It was a repediate loop of Can You Feel the Sunshine.... BACKWARDS. I nearly screamed in terror, because some of the video was film of Tails Doll ripping out some people's eyes and other body parts and stabbing them. And for some reason, when I tryed to close the video, a message appeared that said "You cannot escape my wrath...." Then I passed out and when I woke up, I saw the words.

"You have been banned from chat. Can you feel the sunshine?" The scary part? He wasn't staff...

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