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To the admins who used to run this

The admins are assholes for the most part. Now, I know the truth about the admins here, gossip behind everyone's back, too afraid to tell things to someone's face.

I was talking with someone recently and I was reminded of you guys. I was told by a friend of mine who hangs out with you still, and you don't know who it is, and this person told me what you people say about me, and quite honestly, I didn't give a shit at the time, you people are really not important to me and shouldn't be important to this world. I learned I shouldn't have to try to be friends with people like yourselves, the majority of you. There are people who are better than you, have actual sense in morals.

Your artworks and characters suck to be honest, you have no talent whatsoever. You know nothing about good RP, I entered the world of RP and learned that you guys really fucking suck at it, you should be embarrased. You're all crack roleplayers. Hershevix or whatever the fuck his name is, and the rest of those characters, they look like shit drawings from a 6 year old child. Get real, you people aren't getting far in life, have fun with something that gets you no where in life while all my well written stories and characters are geting animated web series. Don't believe me? Here's a shit ton of links to prove all you people do, is pointless things in your life.

Here's a link to artwork that actually has talent, the thing you people lack.

And here is a list of my stories, stories far superior to yours, that people support and auditioned for.

My work and Shade Productions will be everywhere, it's going to be hard to block that when people are talking about it.

This is the last you people will hear from me, but when I have my work everywhere, you'll never forget who I am.

My Discord Server

It has come to my attention that someone visited my Disord while I was busy at school or sleeping, a shame I didn't see it and laugh my ass off. Whatever you people say, won't ever stop me from being successful. Everything you do is for nothing, your lives mean nothing. So what makes you think you can ever do anything and win?

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