This is really creepy.

One day, I bought the game Sonic Generations. I was so excited to play it, since it was Sonic's second good game in 18 years (the first being sonic colors and I couldn't play that because I don't have a Wii, and the DS version looks crappy). The first cutscenes played out, but the Sonic's birthday cutscene seemed to have an instrumental version of Can You Feel The Sunshine in it. I didn't remember it being like this in the Youtube videos I watched.

Strange. So I played on, up until the part where we see classic Sonic and classic Tails. This is where things started to get weird.

The cutscene played out, but classic Tails was replaced by Tails Doll! It talked in the exact way classic Tails talks in the game but with a slightly deeper voice. I played on, staying wary of the Tails Doll, until it got to a later cutscene..

Tails Doll's voice got deeper until then... he killed Classic Sonic. Modern Sonic and Tails screamed and ran away. Then the screen went black and a message came up.

"Sonic is dead. Tails is dead."

Then it said I unlocked the ability to play Sonic R.

I played, being extremely scared. It threw me into a race where Tails doll was one inch away from Super Sonic in the chase race. I moved Tails Doll towards Super Sonic, then my TV suddenly turned off. I heard cuts and slashes from downstairs, and my brother was dead.

I called the police, and they examined the body of my brother. The autopsy revealed that there was orange fur down his throat. Since then, I didn't play sonic anymore for a while...

If you see Tails Doll in your copy of sonic generations, destroy it please.

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