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What is the Tails Doll?

We're a community driven website dedicated to the Tails Doll. But, just what is the Tails Doll, you might ask? The Tails Doll is a Creepypasta, a creepy Internet Meme. The Tails Doll originated from the game Sonic R, but has evolved into so much more than that. With over 600 stories relating to him, countless RPs, fanfictions, comics, and YouTube videos, the Tails Doll has quite an extensive canon! It is an evil entity that haunts the game Sonic R, feasting on the souls of those who perform the Tails Doll Curse. The only people able to totally stop him is the Seven Pure Souls - their combined efforts can thwart the Doll. Currently, the Tails Doll has been canonically defeated and is dead with no hopes of ever returning back to life.

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