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2Here's where all of TD's weakness' will be put.

Shadow the Hedgehog (Game)

It has strange effects on TD.


TD is made with cotton flesh, right? Cotton bursts into flames when it touches enough superglue if you can even can get close to Him.


Fire is also sure to burn him, unless he controls it somehow...

Silver the Hedgehog

Silver's Psychokinesis can control the Tails Doll as if he was Silver's puppet.

Live and Learn

The song can be used to ward off the Tails Doll thumb|300px|right


Actually, pretty much any movie that sucks will kill him if you somehow force him to watch them.

Sonic chant

Saying: Sonic the Hedgehog in Japanese will cause the Tails Doll to freeze as displayed in the stories: Uhhhhh NO........ and Tails Doll forshadowing?


Some say certain plush toys have strange effects on tails doll the list of ones that work and don't work can be seen here.

Shadow the hedgehog (character)

TD is afraid of him.

Any sonic song in SSBB will hurt and ward him of BUT dont play super sonic racing or he will become VERY FAST

Rediculously loud music

Rediculously loud music, possibly only Sonic-related songs, can repell the TD, but NOT 'Can You Feel The Sunshine' OR Living In The City' These songs will agitate it and make it more powerful ESPICALLY if they are played backwards!

Washing Machines And Water

Ok, you have to be able to lure TD to your washing machine or any sorce of water and soap because all cloths and rag dolls can be shrunk so... WASH HIM AND SHRINK HIM! It's the most risky thing to do but try to attract him to your washing machine slam the door on him and wash... He will be shrunk... Hopefully.

The 5 Dolls

If they were to fuse, they would destroy Tails Doll, but they have to be all together.

Sonic the Hedgehog

Sonic is against Tails Doll.

Amy Rose

Also against the doll.

Knuckles the Echidna

Against Tails Doll.

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