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Tails Doll: The Game (tentative title) is an game idea conceived by LostGod2000 and TheAmazingHypneegee, and is worked on by various users. It is a work-in-progress game, and a beta is expected to be released sometime TBA.


The games first beta screenshot.


NOTE FROM LOSTGOD: I'm assigning certain users leader roles. I am the high supervisor, tah assistant supervisor, gill is main music composer, king main programmer, and dax lead artist. Everyone may create sprites, but Weegee will be sprite leader. Now to hard work! TITAN DWEEVIL! LET'S GO! FLARE CANNON! 21:34, March 14, 2013 (UTC)

LostGod2000 (sprite creator, storyboard artist, supervisor)

Kingemocut (Level dev., programmer, audio tech)

Supershadow912 (composer)

Palkia t
Super theme01:10

Super theme

Music that plays when you go super

he dragon (artist)

GoWeegeeGo (artist, lead spriter)   

TheAmazingHypneegee (artist, sprite creator)

Gillroytheanglerfish (composer)

Haunter1337 (spriter)

DaxterWolfChipmunk (lead artist)

Brokenxana and Lightning (artist)

Puppy1 (composer, storyboard artist)

Stormthehedgehog (spriter)


Volunteers needed BADLY! If you would like to help on this game, talk to anyone who joined.


TDTG is a adventure pseudo-rpg game, with gameplay very similar to Pokémon Mystery Dungeon. It has storylines of each character on the wiki, with different perspectives, bosses and enemies, and such. There is a level up system and moves that are unlocked as you progress, specific to each character. Like the SSBB Subspace Emissary All characters meet up then all fight TD. Characters have two or three levels, which have floors like Pokémon Mystery Dungeon, enemies, and a randomly spawned exit. Enemies spawn randomly, programmed to move towards the player and use attacks from a set moveset. When defeated, they leave corpses. Bosses are all at the end of the level.

Werepuppy's Idea for the beginning of the game

LG if you think this wont work out type in Lost god: No on the title of this paragraph but if you do like it type in Lost god: Yes

Dear Text_will_be_replace_with_username , I have capture your beloved friend Tails and if you want to ever see him again, you'll have to come save him! If you don't, I will end his life.

Not So Sincerely, The TD.

I can make this fairly easy, for I am using unity and it supports a javascript string function. Breaking Benjamin? well, enjoy the silence. (talk) 11:08, January 16, 2013 (UTC)

Shore. KITTIES! (are adorable) 00:39, January 20, 2013 (UTC)

TheAmazingHypneegee's Idea for the beginning of the game

"Dear Text_will_be_replace_with_username, I have captured your friend Tails! In 3 days, I will unleash my ultimate weapon upon the world! Think you can get back Tails and stop me, TD wiki heroes?

Not So Sincerely, the Tails Doll

Playable Characters

Weegee Doll (GoWeegeeGo)

Type: Energy 

Fighter Type: Doll

Balance: Magic


  • Virus Charge: Turns opponent into a doll. Dolls are incapable of moving and attacking but can be pushed and killed. Bosses gain normal damage.
  • Super Virus Charge: Turns all opponents on the floor into dolls, but cuts Weegee Doll's health in half.  
  • GigaGaze: Deals damage; has a high critical-hit ratio
  • Call of Order: Makes all enemies' HP, equal to Weegee Doll's
  • Energy Pulse: Restores all of Weegee Doll's HP, but immobilizes it for five turns given paces.
  • Light Shield: Makes Weegee invisible for five turns
  • Doll Call: Summons Yoshi Doll in order to ride him. (After completing The Legacy of Weegee Doll)
  • Plasma Beam: Charges a powerful attack one turn, fires it the next. Highest power of all WD's moves. (Plasma form only.)
  • Power Absorb: Makes the opponent lose HP, and WD gains HP.
  • Chaos Force: Increases WD's Attack by 2 stages.


  • Speed Burst (WD and Sonic Doll)- Sonic Doll rapidy attacks the opponent and Weegee Doll stuns them with a beam.
  • Power Egg (WD and Yoshi Doll, can be used when riding YD)- Weegee Doll supercharges Yoshi Doll who fires a barrage of exploding eggs.
  • Stare of Terror (WD and Shadow Doll)- Shadow Doll powers Weegee Doll with darkness and Weegee Doll stares at the target, paralyzing them, and making the target lose 15 HP each turn for the rest of the floor. This attack costs both users 10 HP.

Upgraded Forms: Plasma, PlasmaVirus (unlock in The Legacy of Weegee Doll), Ultima (unlock in The Legacy of Weegee Doll)

Bosses: Malleo Doll, Tails Doll and Weegee Dolls, Armageddon Optimus and Armageddon Nerium (double battle, post-game), Ultimate Xian and Plasma Weegee Doll II (double battle, post-game). Evil Plasma Weegee Doll (The Legacy of Weegee Doll), Tails Doll (revived) and army (The Legacy of Weegee Doll), Ultimate bOb ERR (The Legacy of Weegee Doll).

Catchphrase: ¿SnɹıΛ Hǝʇ ˥ǝƎɟ nOʎ uAɔ (Can you feel teh Virus?)

Mobility: Can either walk, float, or ride Yoshi Doll. Walking is faster, but floating lets you avoid obstacles. Riding Yoshi Doll is fastest, and you can jump highest of all characters in-game, but it can only be unlocked after beating the side-story The Legacy of Weegee Doll. Weegee Doll also has access to all Yoshi Doll's moves when riding him. Yoshi Doll and Weegee Doll can both use a move on the same turn.

Moustached Eevee (eeveelover)

Type: Fire

Fighter Type: Warrior

Balance: Stealth

Moves: Moustache Whip: A quick whip from a BEEEEAHOOOTIFUL moustache.

Fire Poke: A poke that sets opponent on fire.

PK Poke: PSI enhanced curiosity.

Stealth Stink: Eevee sneaks upon the opponent and blasts a gun with foul smelling gas.

Fox Tumble: Turns into a fox and tackles the opponent.

Upgraded Form: +Eevee97

Bosses: Slenderman, the evil dill pickle.

Lost God (lostgod2000)

Type: Fire

Fighter Type: Spirit

Balance: Magic


  • Fire Slash: Armblades alight, then slash at the enemy with burning powers.
  • Hellfire: A powerful laser, fueled by the flames of hell. Must be charged.
  • Fireball: A basic fire blast, six can be shot at a time.
  • Flame Dash: Lights self on fire, then charges.
  • Fire Mine: A flaming mine is placed. If triggered, explodes.
  • Flame Wave: A fiery wave emits, traveling in a straight line.
  • Hyper Dash: LostGod dashes straight through the enemy, dealing major damage.
  • Cat Form: LostGod turns into a spiritual cat, improving his speed, agility, and stamina, but disabling his attacks.
  • Reflex Sharpen: LostGod sharpens his reflexes, greatly improving his agility.
  • Equalize: With an angry swipe, LostGod brings an enemies health down to his level. Useful for tough bosses. Does not work if HP is higher than enemy.
  • Curse: LG places a curse on the enemy, draining their stats and slowly damaging them.

Hyper Form Attacks

  • Rainbow Blade: A multi elemental armblade is slashed.
  • Hyper Slice: LostGod dashes through the enemy so quick it is invisible to the eye, damaging severely.
  • Mortal Cut: A charged attack which targets the weak points on an enemy, then strikes all, killing weaker foes and dealing heavy damage to bosses.
  • Hyper Beam: A superpowered flame beam made of the elements.
  • Explosion: LostGods eyes blink, then a large explosion hits a single opponent, killing weaker foes and dealing damage to any others, enemy or not, caught in the blast radius.

Upgraded form: Hyper Lost God/ Oblivion Lost God (boss)

Storyline Bosses: Katsune, Appolyn, Chaotic Prime (post game final boss)

Phrase: Burn for eternity!

Sonic doll (TheAmazingHypneegee)

Type: Electricity

Fighter Type: Doll

Balance: Speed

Moves: Hyper Blast (Only when Super/Dark/Hyper) A rapid fire like Hellfire except light blue.

Stun Ray: A beam that stuns enemies.

Claw Slash: A dual slash.

Heal: Heals 50 HP.

Spin Dash: Counters an opponents attack by twirling, extending claws. Knocks back enemies.

Soul Devour: Absorbs the enemies HP to about 50% of their HP or less when the opponent has been defeated

Last Resort: A powerful move that fires a laser roughly 5x the power of Hellfire. Can only be used if the player's HP is 5 or less. Can also only be used once a dungeon.

Stitch Fire: Fires stitches at the enemy, doing a lot of damage. Sometimes pins the enemy against a wall.

Upgraded Forms: Super

Bosses: Mecha Sonic, Oblivion Lost God.

Catchprase: Super Sonic Racing, try to keep your fight on the groouunddd....

Shadow Doll

Type: Dark.

Fighter Type: Doll

Balance: Magic


Nega Blast: A powerful blast of dark and powerful electricity. Does twice as much damage as Chaos Blast.

Nega Control: An upgraded version of "Chaos Control" Can only be used to be invisible for 3 turns.

Soul Devourer: Steals the opponents soul and gets HP for it. How much HP depends on how powerful the opponent is. Has no effect on Weegee Doll, Tails Doll, or Sonic Doll.

Ultimate Power: Shadow Doll takes off his inhibitor rings and power is upped 3x. He also glows a red aura like this. Only lasts for 2 turns.

Evasion: Shadow Doll's speed is upped by 2x for 2 turns. Like this, it is harder for opponents to attack, having a bigger chance of missing.


DoubleDash- Only available when teamed with Sonic Doll. Both of them do a combined spindash against the enemies. Costs 10 HP, however.

Dark Eggs- Only available when teamed with Yoshi Doll. Yoshi Doll lays eggs and Shadow Doll makes them dark, upping their powers by 3x. Costs 10 HP, however.

Stare of Terror: Only available when teamed with Weegee Doll. Shadow Doll powers Weegee Doll with darkness and Weegee Doll stares at the target, paralyzing them, and making the target lose 15 HP each turn for the rest of the floor. This attack costs both users 10 HP.

Upgraded Forms: Super

Bosses: Depends on who the Shadow Doll is accompanying.

Catchphrases: (1) Death to all who oppose me. (2) Tsk, tsk.

NOTE: Shadow Doll is a fighting partner once you beat the game with all characters and get all the Chaos Emeralds. He can only accompany Sonic Doll, Yoshi Doll, or Weegee Doll. You have to fight him first.

Brokenxana and Lightning (titular)

Type: B/Technology L/Electric

Fighter Type: B/Warrior L/Spirit

Balance: B/ Agility L/Speed


Brokenxana's Moves

  •  Technological Summon: Broken transforms technology into a gun, and shoots. 
  • Tech Bomb: Turns into a bomb.
  • Tech swords: Turns into a set of plasma swords.
  • Tech Drink: Transform into a healing substance, which heals by 50 points.

lightning's moves

  •  Lightning Slash: A lightning sword is slashed twice.
  • Electrify: Boosts speed, and damages any enemy that contacts.
  • Lightning Bolt: A bolt of lightning is hurled.
  • Lightning Dash: Hurls at the enemy at blinding speeds, causing damage.

Brokenxana's Upgraded Moves

  • Gun Mayhem: Two hand guns a created that shoot two lasers instead of one and shots are fired fa
    Cyborg ultimate brokenxana's theme song03:04

    Cyborg ultimate brokenxana's theme song

    thats right

  • Bazooka Bomb: High powered bombs can be shot with the guns.
  • Tech Ninja Scroll: The swords now can be slashed around twice as fast.
  • Coca Cola: Drink now allows player to move twice as fast and can heal 75 points.
  • Scaredy Cat: Evasion points temporarily boost by 100 points.

lightning's Upgraded Moves

  • chaos clone: can create a clone (requires a chaos emerald)
  • lightning Armor: Electrify will temporarily boost defense points by 50
  • Fury Of The Storm: Lightning shoots electricity that will bounce from one enemy to another
  • Time Travel: If using electrify then lightning dash at the same time then it will slow down enemies
  • The Way Of The Sword: If an enemy is hit by his sword they will continue to get shocked for a period of time

Phrases: B/ Don't worry they couldn't have possibly hurt me.    L/ Shocking, isn't it?

boss: B/ The master of the universe, Carlos L/ Nightmare The FearFeaster, TD Possessed Brokenxana

upgraded form: B/ Ultimate  L/  ultra
Ultra lightnings theme song03:31

Ultra lightnings theme song

his real theme song

Lori (palkia the dragon)

Type:Dragon, Dark (whenever she transforms)

Fighter Type: Aura Guardian

Balance Type: Stealth

Moves: (from the start)

Blue Fire: Breaths blue fire onto the target. causes more damage than regular fire.

Ice Breath: Breaths ice onto the target. May freeze the target.

Harden: Hardens the blood inside. Protects from physical attacks.

Heal: Heals the target.

Fly: The user flies up in the sky, and on the next turn, hits the target. Is only effected by aerial moves, and may cause the user to fall to the ground if hit.

(level up to get the moves below)

Transform: Becomes an exact copy of the target, may confuse the opponent(s). After used, the user will use the targets moves, until it wears off. This move also turns the user into a dark type, if they already aren't.

Illusion World: Creates a fabricated world that only the target can see, Causes the target to become confused and attack allies until the target loses all HP, or the battle ends. This move also turns the user into a dark type, if they already aren't.

(Moves after upgrade/certain point in her story)

Sword of Darkness: Summons a silver sword that radiates a black aura, and swings it at every foe. Deals a large amount of damage.

Blue Mega Flare: Launches a very deadly blue fireball that triggers a blast no eNemy can escape.

Upgraded Form(s): (after fighting Mad Lori) Human Lori, Kitsune form (possible), Lloyd (one time during stealth mission in TD's Castle as a TDS)

Storyline Bosses:(Reoccurring x amount of times) Mad/Dark Lori, Tails Doll

Phrase: "Aww, you look kinda weak, maybe I'll go easy on you...although, maybe not! Hehe."

Gill (gillroy the anglerfish)

Type: Technology

Fighter Type:

Balance: Stamina


Poison Slash: Paralyzes enemy.

Acidic Spray: A lethal dose of acid is registered to the enemy, damaging them.

Hyper Potion: Makes all stats 5 points higher.

Nerve Poison: Deals damage and paralyzes attacked enemy.

Chemical Crisis: makes players stats rise 10 points, but with halved heath points.

Stem Cell Regeneration: Heals 25 HP.

Galvani Regeneration: revives once with half the nor1mal hp

Upgraded Form: Imperfection Gill

story line bosses: Proto Gill Doll, Cacti Monster

Phrase: What a pain...

Dax (DaxterWolfChipmunk)

Type: Fire

Fighter Type: Aura Guardian

Balance: Magic


  • Aura Detection: Able to detect enemies from afar- this creates a resistant barrier to far range-attacks from foes (homing missiles, ect)
  • Diamond Sword of Ancient Chaos: Basic weapon & attack (sword swipes, but with added power charges ect)
  • Power charge: Hold down attack for an added boost to sword attack
  • Drill-Spin: Spins around like a tornado and points sword up and moves around like a drill
  • Tornado flash: Spins on the spot holding out sword, slicing foes which come into contact (like Meta Knight's tornado in Brawl basically)
  • Fire control: Controls forms of fire (is resistant to lava and being damaged by fire)
  • Aura control: Can control certain objects (make them levitate ect)
  • Super speed: Speed faster than both light and sound running (limited boost)
  • Claws: Basic form of attacking, claws extend and become made of a mixture of steel and diamond
  • Ultimate Light/Herobrine mode: Takes on powers similar to Herobrine's and goes all cybernetic-like, basically Super-form
  • Soul-Eater: Can devour Souls from fallen foes, restores some health & boost 

Bosses: Herobrine, Dexter (evil clone) (midboss) (EDIT TO DAX: I only removed it, because all players are SUPPOSED to have only two storyline bosses, and possibly a mid boss. I'll do this to work.) & Tails Doll 

Upgraded Form: Ultimate Light-Mode (changed ze name)

Quote/s: "I liek Oreos :3" -Level start, "Aww yiss"- Level end, "Ayamana..." -Death, "I'll eat you". -Boss start, "EXCELLENT NOW PASS ME TEH KETCHUP" -Boss end, "Sup, Bro"- Beginning of Herobrine boss


Type: Psychic

Fighter Type: Warrior

Balance: Magic



  • Lazer Swords: Can cut down almost anything
  • Ki Blast: Fires a ball of ki at the target
  • Energy Drain: Drains energy from target, reducing its health and speed


  • Rip Claws: When hit in the back with a massive amount of energy,gains two giant purple claws which are able to rip things in half and cut down things.
  • Health Drain: Drains health from target,using the health to restore other party members and her own health.
  • Insane Shatter: Shatters the targets sanity,causing the target to lose heath each turn

Phrase: (with RD) 'Relax,I got it!' (without RD) 'Leave it to me...'

RD: (Unlocked when Candle uses Ki Blast)

Type: Normal

Fighter Type: Doll

Balance: Stealth



  • Qi help: Shoots a ball of qi at Candles back
  • Button throw: Uses one of his button stashed in his pockets and throws it at the target
  • Run: Runs around,confusing the target


  • Theft: Steals the targets item. Can either use it or give it to another party member
  • Qi blast: Fires a ball of qi at the target.

Phrase: 'Hey! Dont attack Candle!' 'I'll make you pay!'

Onion (haunter1337)

Type: Fighting

Fighter Type: Gunner

Balance: Agility

Attacks: Bullet Frenzy: Spins around in a circle and shoots rapidly.

Bullet Storm:Shoots one bullet.

Rage Quit: Pulls out a spiked mace and throws it at the enemy can only be used when heal

th is under 25%

Bullet Hell: Pulls out a machine gun and starts shooting: Can Only be used when health is under 50%

Upgraded Form: Banzai Onion

Bosses: Tails Doll Clone, Dark Essence

May (JustCallMeMay)

Type: Flight

Fighter Type: Warrior

Balance: Agility

Attacks: Silent Eye: Focuses the enemies view on a blurry concept, rendering them unable to attack and trapping them inside a type of eye, making them vulnerable to attack. 

Quiet Answer: The words silence repeats over and over in a repeated way, And seems to spiral around on the character, charging sharp black shards to the enemy in an instant. The way to do this, is only with her weapon. The origami light knife... Cutting Wings: A charged flight towards the enemy like a spinning blade, wings used to cut the enemy.

Upgraded Form: Risk

Bosses: Hidden, SiRen

Shadow/Lucario (SuperShadow912)

Shadow Theme 102:20

Shadow Theme 1

Type: Dark
Lucario Shadow main theme01:57

Lucario Shadow main theme

Fighter Type: Warrior

Balance: Stealth



Chaos Control: Freezes time briefly. Chaos spear: Blast from beam of chaos energy

Gunshot: Rapid fire shots from a golden AK-47.

Psychic Knives: Knives are summoned and hurled at the enemy, with psychic energy.

Lucario's Moves (Based on the Lucario I use in Pokemon HG's moves)

Aura Sphere: Lauches 5 aura balls that homes on targets.

Dark Pulse: A wave of darkness goes across the battlefield that only jumping enimies can dodge.

Close Combat: A Load of punches are sent at one target that instant kills them

Dragon Pulse: A Beam of energy is hurled at the foes hitting up to 5 Targets

Upgraded Form:  (Both Lasts 1 min and 12 secs)

Lucario: Shiny Lucario

Shadow: Super Shadow

Bosses: , TDMech and  (mini boss)

Dusk (flamelord)

Type: Psychic

Fighter Type: Spirit

Balance: Agility

Moves: Dark Aura he charges up the darkness inside his soul, does a sliding attack in one direction, then reappears in where he was before, and does the same thing but in a different direction. he then unleashes a blast of darkness energy.

Dark Break Jump onto the enemy's head and do 3 downward strikes Finally, shoot a wave blast.

Dark Splicer you stop the enemies, then warp around, attacking them rapidly

Sacrifice: by sacrificing some of his soul energy, he can do a very powerful, jump slash

Salvation: Create a vortex of light that lifts enemies, restoring some of your energy in the process.

Shadowbreaker Assail enemies with two spin attacks in a row: one of darkness, then one of light.

Final Judgement:an attack where he slashes at the foe 1 million times per second (Only available in the savage boss fight, when savage has 1 HP left)

Upgraded Form: Insane dusk; Demonic Dusk

Alies (computer controlled):Demon (abaddon brought back but good; post game only)

Bosses (in this order): , Tails Doll (impossible to win), Abaddon and Hidden.Savage, and Risk (post game boss; fought in demonic form)

Storm the hedgehog

Type: Dark

Fighter Type: Spirit

Balance: Magic


Shadow Bomb: Can cause temporary parylysis

Soul Drain: Enemy's soul is slowly devoured replenishing my HP

Sword Spin: Slashes enemy 3-5 times

Soul Eater: When HP is low enough, their soul is devoured and is later controlled by me

Shadow Sheild: Creates a temporary forcefeild which counters all attacks by half of the damage

Star Slash: Summons small stars that fall on the enemy causing major damage

Werehog Form: Night form (attack goes higher but speed goes down)

Super Storm: All stats go up majorly but must have rings in hand

Allies: Grey the wolf

Storyline Bosses: Dark Storm, Tails Doll

Other Characters

Tails Doll: The main antagonist of the game. 

Dr. Xian: Major antagonist and the creator of Weegee Doll and the Armageddon series of robots (hidden bosses in most storylines). He makes many of the enemies fought in the game, (particularily robotic and cybernetic creatures) and tries to become a god while charging in the Armageddon Optimus chamber. He later gains psychic powers due to his partial, but incomplete, time in the Optimus chamber, and became one of the most powerful bosses among all storylines. He, alongside Appolyn, are the secondary antagonists of the game. They are not affiliated with Tails Doll. Despite making enemies for nearly all storylines, he only appears in the Weegee Doll storyline.

Apollyn: Secondary antagonist. It creates many of the enemies fought by the group (mainly demons and shadow creatures), and is LostGods arch nemesis. Fought as LostGods final boss, and looks like a hunk of rotting corpse matter, with grayed moldy flesh, cracked bones (which can be extended as weapons) a mixture of dead animal parts, and a serpent head, attached to a neck, which acts as the darkness transmitter. It bites those who stray, spreading the flow of darkness and giving birth to powerful demons. Sprays gray blood, which can corrupt, immobilize, or act as acid for Appolyn. Capable of spreading a cloud of darkness that can grow miles in an hour. If killed, regenerates, hidden in the shadows. It, alongside Dr. Xian, are the secondary antagonists of the game. They are not affiliated with Tails Doll. Despite a major role in the shadows, it only appears in Lost God's story.

Malleo Doll: Earlier prototype of Weegee Doll, and is an enemy in the first half of the game, until he is ultimately destroyed. He was also made by Dr. Xian, but, unlike Weegee Doll, did not turn good until his last moments.

Abbadon: Boss character. A spawn of dusks insanity.

Puppy1: Hidden Easter egg character.

Katsune: A boss for LostGod.

Herobrine: Boss & Dax's brother. Mainly antagonist to start, later becomes minor protagonist. Also becomes a temporary party member in one of Dax's levels.

Eyun: The true meaning of death, not a boss, but the creator of Dexter (Dax's evil clone). Appearing as an antagonist, he does not work for TD, but despises those, such as Daxter and Herobrine for avoiding death in so many ways. He reports to TD of Dax's whereabouts which makes his levels slightly harder, but apart from that not much else happens.

Dexter: Boss, evil clone of Dax.

SiRen: An evil demon, boss for May..

The evil dill pickle: Eevees main boss. An evil pickle with an afro and dastardly moustache... hey, it came from eevee.

bOb: bOb is a hidden secret boss, often treated as the "true" final boss of the game. It is also fought in The Legacy Of Weegee Doll, as bOb ERR

bOb ERR: A powerful virus created by Xians Grandfather. It is the main antagonist of "TLOWD" expansion.

Ranzor: The first secret boss of the hidden level Curse Realm. A powerful sorcerer, he controls the Daemons. Despite having only two attacks (faze launch and daemon summon) the faze blasts are a one hit kill.

Ark Of The Cosmos: The second secret boss. A powerful ring wielded by Gill, he is destroyed by Ranzor. After Ranzor falls into the Faze, his influence brings back gill in the Ark and leads to a battle. It is destroyed when the Curse Realm destabilizes.

Chaotic Prime: TBA

Armageddon Optimus and Armageddon Nerium: Super powerful creatures, and some of the strongest of bosses, and part of the Armageddon series of machines. Created by Dr. Xian, they are fought as a double battle by Weegee Doll, post game. 

Risk: Another post game boss, the demoness form of May.

nightmare the fearfeaster: a being created by the nightmares of lightning and the technology of brokenxana can turn into the current players worst fear

Mecha Sonic: Sonic Doll's first boss. Acts just like the one in Sonic and Knuckles but way more powerful and has more attacks.

Sonic Doll.exe: It acts like Sonic Doll but it has it's eyes shut so you can't see it's an exe. When the user comes near it, it opens it's eyes, revealing it's not Sonic Doll, and then you go into battle. However, if you're playing with Sonic Doll, you never actually encounter it or fight it.

Savage: A major antagonist, working behind the scenes for most of the game. He is a leading force in the backstory of the game, and fought in Dusks story. He is eventually destroyed... but at the end of the game, a pair of glowing red eyes appear after the credits. Could this be...?

Grey the Wolf: Storm's ally and best friend


Weegee Doll: Available from start. 

If you chose Eevee: Beat the first boss (Slenderman)

Eevee: Available from start.

If you chose Weegee Doll: Finish the prologue

TAH: Unlock May, Brokenxana/Lightning, and Daxter. Then beat 10 floors. May: Beat story with 1 character.

Brokenxana/lightning: beat a boss with a tech (broken unlocked) then a electicity element (lightning)

Lori: Beat story mode with 3 characters.

SuperShads: Until you unlock him theres a 1/15 chance that when you begin a level his cat will be there. Stroke his cat 5 times.

Dusk: Beat a floor without killing any enemies with May.

LostGod: Slay every enemy on a single dungeon, or otherwise kill 150 enemies and 10 bosses.

Onion: Beat story mode with 10 characters.

Gill: Heal 100 HP and paralyze 5 enemies.

Daxter: Defeat a floor in less than a minute.

Storm: Talk to Grey five times.

Candle and RD: Cut down a randomly generated tree down three times (Candle), and use Candle Qi Blast. (RD)

Characters, like Super Smash Bros, will be fought as computer controlled opponents. If you lose, their challenge is accessable from the main menu. If you win, they will join.

Once the game is completed with all characters, playables can upgrade to their (ONE) super form they used against tails doll.

Since you can only choose Weegee Doll or Eevee from the start, the one you did not choose can be fought as a CPU opponent under a different set of conditions.

Character Storylines

Post what happens in your storyline here.

Weegee Doll:

Tails Doll: The Game/User Stories/GoWeegeeGo

The Legacy of Weegee Doll (add-on content)

Tails Doll: The Game/User Stories/GoWeegeeGo/The Legacy of Weegee Doll (add-on content)


Knowing that TD is back he has to get his arsenal of deadly chemicals at the ready but while hes doing this the proto gill doll that was being held in stasis due to major moral malfunctioning was reactivated by TD and went to the acid filter to remove the main filter and have the hyper acid burn down the factory and kill gillz. gill and the proto face off and gillz wins * and the proto becomes lodged in the main acid filter* gill knowing that TD is back decides to chase the cursed doll and sets out into the CINDER SANDS on his missile board and is faced by a mutated cacti created by the toxins leaking from the factory after killing the deformed cactus gill sees the factory in smoke and rushes back to the factory, finding out the proto doll that became lodged in the acid filter created the acid to spill in the quarantinned ember foundry the acid re oppened a fissure that lead to a magma pool. gill had to get through the ember foundry and re-activate the cooler to stablize the area again after this happens gill sets out to join the TD war.

sub storyline : EtH

before he met gill he just wandered the streets with his pet cat, clawza but when he was scavenging for food he bumped into gill who saw he was homeless so gill took him in and to make sure EtH could defend him-self he used his recently created "galvani fusion reactor" to fuse EtH and clawza ever since EtH has been helping gill at the factory and they became best buds but when eth found out that gillz factory was under sabotage by the proto gill doll eth gets contacted by gill while hes in the cinder sands gill tell eth to shut down the main reactors so its safe-ish to enter the ember foundry


LostGod, a Demon Hunter, is wandering the country side, senses something disturbing in the air, and is trying to pinpoint what it is. He is suddenly ambushed by Darkspawns, and he destroys them all. He connects this with Apollyn, the powerful master of the dark flow, and ventures forth, determined to slay his enemy this time for good. He wanders into the Shadow Cavern, where demonic energy readings are high. After fighting through, he destroys a dark source, Katsune, a brutish wandering  darkspawn, and wonders exactly why the readings picked up so high lately. He eventually maps out and wanders into the Lightbane Abyss. Eventually, he finds Apollyn and seemingly destroys him. However, a shadowy tornado knocks him out. He is seen as a villain, corrupted by Oblivion, in Haunter and TAHS stories, as well as a minor one in all elses. Before long, TAH defeats him and he snaps out of it, joining the team. He later sacrifices himself to stop TD.


One of the few remaining Aura Guardians (including Shads), is just casually roaming around a ruined city as ya do, when he (yes, I'm just going to be using /other/ Dax here who's a dude even though I'm a girl meself) detects a strange radiation of Dark Aura and is ambused by a group of TD's Shadow-Minions, after a short battle Dax manages to defeat them all. As he continues to progress through the lev- I mean city he encounters his older brother, Herobrine, (yes, Herobrine, seriously, you guys should know by now about 'im bein' me bro) who says nothing for a while before turning around and attacking. When Daxter finally manages to beat him, Herobrine snaps out of the strange control he was under as he was influenced by a Dark energy conjoured by TD, after he explains this to Dax, the pair set off to find TD (at this point Herobrine becomes a temporary party member for one level). When they eventually reach a strange mountain, Herobrine leaves to go and eat his pie that had finished being heated in the oven try to destroy one of TD's fortresses, however when he has left Dax is corrupted by a Dark Aura and becomes possesed by TD, at this point Shadow finds him and has to fight him. After the fight is over TD decided to release Daxter and teleport to another area, the pair split up to try and find TD seperatly as they would have a higher chance of finding him, as they both have the power to detect Aura. During the journey Dax takes he encounters Dexter, an evil clone of Dax created by Eyun (one of the most evil beings in excistance and the true meaning of death), after Daxter finally manages to defeat Dex, Eyun is outraged and decideds he will spread information to The Doll about Daxter's whereabouts (however this only increases the amount of enemies in stages). In the end they both meet up again at TD's castle with the others and Daxter fights TD, finally bringing an end to him by slicing the Gem in two and slamming the remains in the Trash Compactor and transporting him to the Seal Realm with LG. Idk are we gonna have that? :/

Sonic Doll:

Sonic Doll one day finds out Tails Doll is planning an awful sceme. He immeditaly chases after him, going through many difficult challenges such as going through mountains, volcanos, and MUCH more, fighting common enemies along the way. He is also pursued by Mecha Sonic, the robot of Sonic sent by TD. For Tails Doll to make Sonic Doll seem like he's the enemy, Tails Doll sends Sonic Doll.exe's to wherever the group is heading. The group attacks him, mistaking him for a Sonic Doll.exe. He is later ambushed by OLG soon after. He escapes and later sacrifices himself (along with LG) to destroy TD


A human with amazing powers has tried to stop the threat of the tails doll in the future he has defeated most of his minions but then he meets up with his old freind lightning the hedgehog they join again to fight TD but after they fight him and lose the time walkers quickly come and send brokenxana and lightning to the past to get rid of the tails doll they quickly meet up with the seven pure souls.        


Lightning the hedgehog is looking for a way to get his heart back that was stolen from the tails doll so he quicky searches around the dead town when he suddenly runs into his old frenemy brokenxana, they talk for a bit and decide that they need to work together again to defeat tails doll when they beat most of his minions they run into the doll himself and fight him but after they fight him and lose the time walkers quickly come and send brokenxana and lightning to the past to get rid of the tails doll they quickly meet up with the seven pure souls.


It starts off with Him, being abandoned by his friends, going insane, where her fights many clones of himself which, after 1 minute of not hurting them, he finally realizes they aren't real. Abaddon, is forced out of him and, he goes on a journey to defeat abaddon. He ends up meeting with May not long after that and after they journey together, they become extremely close (closerthanfriends) but, after a while he tells her that, he needs to do the rest alone and, he'll be back once he defeats Abaddon. Later, Abaddon captures Dusk and, lets TD gain control of him and he attempts to Fight TD but can't beat him. he is, able to however, get TD out of him. He chases after Abaddon and finds him with Hidden, a finally defeats them. While the others are defeating TD he, goes after an old foe, Savage, and, after a long Battle, he destroys him for good, and starts to head back to may. In Post game, he reaches May and, Finds out risk nearly made her do "unspeakable things". he finally, loses it and, literally Rips Risk's soul out of may and destroys her forever, then, to get rid of May's trauma, he erases the memories of what Risk Tried to do.

Shadow Doll:

The camera zoomed in on a teenager named Joe. He was outside in his neighborhood, having a completely normal life. Until one night, he was in bed. A strange sound woke him up. It was coming from his parent's room. When he ran in, his parents were dead, Tails Doll was floating above their lifeless corpses. Out of his rage, Joe ran at Tails Doll with his father's gun. Tails Doll simply forced him back. He managed to shoot a hole in TD's gem, weakining the doll. This infuriated Tails Doll, so instead of killing Joe, he made Joe black out.

5 hours later, Joe woke up, in a strange lair, on a throne. W-where am I? He thought. Wait...WHO am I? He looked at his hands, but realized they were stitched gloves. He felt shorter, and looked at himself through a reflection. He was no longer a human. He was the Shadow Doll.

Years later, he flew above a building. Who am I? What is my purpose? I've been trying to figure this out for years... He then sees a strange group, of which are the main characters of the game. He reads their minds and figure out they're off to kill Tails Doll. Tails Doll? Why does that name feel so familiar..? he thought to himself. He flies off.

He happens to later find Tails Doll's castle. It then hit him. He remembered Tails Doll was the one who killed his parents. Now he was REALLY mad. He blasts through the door, easily destroying the guards by using Nega Blast. He reaches Tails Doll. He lunges at him but Tails Doll blocks and fires a laser at him. He gets blasted into a wall and fires multiple Nega Blasts. Tails Doll evades them all and lunges at Shadow Doll with knife blades. Shadow Doll bounced the attack off with a short electricity blast. He takes off his inhibitor rings and is powered up immensly. He fires an ULTIMATE Nega Blast, weakening Tails Doll to the point he isn't INVINCIBLE. Shadow Doll takes most of his power, knowing he won't be able to beat Tails Doll. He uses Nega Control and disappears to do things that will later be revealed in the sequel....


The Camera zooms in on an 11 year old boy called Alex (Thats meeee!) just waking up and rubbing his eyes. He noticed that its monday and starts getting dressed for his first day of secondary school (Random fact: Yes... Im going to secondary school in september IRL) It says 10 mins later and Alex is outside his house. His mom (Not shown just heard) wishes him good luck and Alex starts walking to school when suddenly Tails doll apears and shoots at him. Alex says "Well if you want a fight your not getting that. instead, have a beatdown from yours truly" And Alex transform into lucario and the first fight begins (Will be a tuturiel level on how to play as me) When TD's Gem string is cut of he warps away and Alex comes with him. He wakes up In a forest near a city and wonders how far away he is from school. He decides to head for the City with a plan. Find the others, they'll know what to do

Later on in the story Alex/Shadow/Lucario runs into Dax (they literraly run into eachother) and Alex/Shadow/Lucario says that it would be good to team up and Dax agrees so the next 2 levels are a bit like the mario and luigi games then at the end of the 2nd level of the team up Dax says thats theres unfinished buiness and Dax heads of

The last three levels is when Alex/Shadow/Lucario stops at his house to bring James The Amazing Black Cat with him and TD finds out theres 2 of them and Orders a TDMech to stop them but James has a SUPER MECH of his own and they use it to take down the last  boss of my storyline 

Storm The Hedgehog

It shows a newborn hedgehog, not yet having a name. A few seconds later, the the door is blasted open,revealing the tails doll. The doll then kills both parents and takes the young child away.[10 years old] Still without a name, the child continues to serve the doll. His friend,Grey the wolf, gives him the name "Storm" which the child seems to like.[17 years old] Storm decides to run away with Grey, searching for a better life. Storm and Grey turn to the dark side...He later encounters a tails doll again and they fight. Storm loses and runs...He finds sonic the hedgehog and Storm and Grey take him out but sonic still survives and joins Storm. They find a dark shadowy copy of Storm, whom they destroy.Later they finally meet up with everybody else and fights against the tails doll...In the midst of the battle TD tries to kill Storm but Grey sweeps in and takes it for him...(dead .3.)


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Note from LostGod: All music and sprites are beta. New music and sprites will be improved on a steady basis.


BOb's Boss Battle Theme01:20

BOb's Boss Battle Theme

bOb's Boss Battle Theme (The Legacy of Weegee Doll)


TD wiki game Minor boss Battle01:08

TD wiki game Minor boss Battle

Minor Boss Battle Music

Storm's Theme04:17

Storm's Theme

Well the old one kinda i chose this beast song

Broxxana's Theme03:56

Broxxana's Theme

Brokenxana's Theme

LostGod's Theme01:53

LostGod's Theme

LostGod's Theme

Sonic Doll's Theme05:38

Sonic Doll's Theme

Sonic Doll's (TheAmazingHypneegee) Theme

Weegee Doll's Theme02:10

Weegee Doll's Theme

Weegee Doll's Theme

Dusks Theme03:08

Dusks Theme

Dusk's theme

Daft Punk - Harder,Better,Faster,Stronger Lyrics04:32

Daft Punk - Harder,Better,Faster,Stronger Lyrics

lightning's theme song

Tails doll the game trailer01:25

Tails doll the game trailer

gillz tdg trailer

Event horizon music ( cave music for tails doll the game )01:20

Event horizon music ( cave music for tails doll the game )

added by gillz

The ripper music ( insanity music for tails doll the game )01:27

The ripper music ( insanity music for tails doll the game )

added by gillz

HEX CITY ( theme of gill )02:27

HEX CITY ( theme of gill )

created by main composer gillz!

Tails doll wiki game trailer 203:15

Tails doll wiki game trailer 2

Nightmares theme06:03

Nightmares theme


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