spitefullyMy Experience With Tails Doll's Assassin (full length story)

Well first of all, this story is not like those other stories that you have read before where it is all made up and completely full of it. this is a REAL STORY just letting you know beforehand. . .

IN THE SUMMER OF 2014 I was in my room on my laptop browsing youtube when I first learned about the tails doll. At first I thought nothing of it as just a video game urban legend. but once I saw all the other videos of people doing the curse, I snickered thinking that people that made these were full of it and decided to try it out myself. . . BIG MISTAKE. at first I tried the mirror curse and waited a whole week with no response from the Tails Doll, then I tried the drawing tails doll curse while retrying the mirror curse. Still nothing. Then I decided to go and buy the sonic collections game that had the Sonic R in it for the X Box 360.

It was annoying but I finally beat it 100% and was about to attempt the tails doll curse when I was cut short by my mother telling me to go to sleep cause it was past 10 o' clock. i went to sleep thinking about what would happen if i did try this curse out. "what if this thing really IS real?" I began thinking to myself, "Nah, it's just a bunch of creepypasta crap." and slowly drifted off to sleep. for what felt like seconds of sleep i wake up to the faint sound of Sonic R playing downstairs in my living room the first thing going through my mind is "Did my cat turn it on? and how does nobody else hear that?" so I sneak down on one side of my stairs because they creak when stepped on in the middle. and see that there is a tag race all ready with eggrobo, metal knuckles, metal sonic, and super sonic with tails doll as the tag character. I was freaked out at first and rushed to turn off my Xbox when I heard something in the kitchen. I turned off the Xbox and went back up to my bedroom. I was Really freaked out so I grabbed my rusty railroad spike and proceeded to enter the kitchen.  

I drew my railroad spike once i stepped into my kitchen with no intention of turning on the lights. my hand was shaking worse with every step. I could feel something's watchful eyes on me, and were not able to be seen, which had me past my breaking point. I wanted to break down and cry. all of this was messing with my head, scrambling all my thoughts, and weakening me both mentally and psychically. the railroad spike I was holding was shaking. I was so scared that I suddenly could not move. I was sending the command "turn around and book it!" but all my brain was getting was "It can't see you if you are still". "I'm dead it's all over" I began to think to myself until whatever was watching me slowly emerged from its dark hiding spot. it looked like a person. i felt my muscles suddenly unlock and I ran for the lights. he was fast, in fact a little bit too fast for a human. we were at least 5 feet apart from each other and I broke into a sprint first and he somehow caught up with me.  

If I had not have been so close to the light switch by the time he caught me I would be dead. I turned on the light and now could identify my attacker. he was a fifteen year old boy, bandanna over his mouth, little to regular muscle mass, black leather jacket and black fedora with crimson spots on the fronts of them. regular tattered worn bluejeans, also crimson splatters. gloves, black gloves, in one hand my railroad spike, in the other, my shirt's collar. at this point I fainted, I had nothing else do do but faint struggling would result in death, talking never helped anyone out of these situations, all i could do is faint and hope for the best. When I awoke it seemed like I had fallen asleep playing my Xbox, I was on my couch, I had the controller in my hands, and the horrible thoughts of what I thought was a dream still rushing through my head. his oddly colored eyes, his supernatural strength and speed and the facththate somehow snuck into my house without anyone knowing. I began to just put it behind me until I thought about how I was still in upright position and had the controller in my hand when I toss and turn in my sleep. it was impossible for me to be asleep in the same position that I "fell asleep" in. once i put two and two together, I stifled a quiet scream to not wake anyone else up. I had to identify this creep who attacked me in my own home. I tried to re-create his face. He had weird eyes, it was black where it was supposed to be white and his outer pupil things were a crimson that almost had a glow to them. his face, nothing special, he had an average looking face, his bandana covered his chin. his nose was also covered. all I could catch were his eyes and some of his face. he looked as if he was 15 or so.  and that was all i could remember about his face. I said a soft curse to myself. "I cant report him if I don't have enough information on him." I thought to myself staring deep into thought about who he was and why he was in my house. nothing was stolen, everyone is alive, it was just weird to me. I spent the whole day thinking about this. I screwed up on my tests because i spent most of the time thinking about the kid that attacked me and all the rest of the day thinking what night will bring me.  

Later that night I woke up to the sound of footsteps going up my steps. he was walking up the middle, they squeak when they are stepped on in the middle. I was ready for him this time. I was camping my only door with my dart sniper rifle. Once his face was in the middle of my scope I shot at him. he instantly caught the bullet. I nearly passed out again but this time I was going to get a look at his face. but he had other plans once, once I lunged at him railroad spike in hand, he punched me in the face sending me to the ground with a bloody nose. I took the flattened end of my railroad spike and bashed his knee with it. he seemed unharmed and really pissed off like trying to beat up a bully with a paper bag. I knew what to do this time once he picked me up, Ipulled off his bandana and saw his real face. he just sent another punch into my face then drug me downstairs to my living room. he threw me onto my couch grabbed an Xbox controller shoved it into my hands and turned on my Xbox. as the sonic classics game title screen came up he looked at me and said "you know that to do." at first i was confused then I remembered the night before.  

I did a tag team with eggrobo, metal sonic, metal knuckles, and super sonic. once I tagged super sonic the game changed to the tails doll on a checkered floor. we both stared at the tv screen I did with fear he did with excitement. after a few short seconds I saw static in a certain patch on the screen and it got bigger until something started to come out at that point i started to scream but my fear voice was so high-pitched that it was almost unhearable. by the time whatever was coming out of the tv did I was sure I was going to die. I saw the tails doll and it saw me. the kid said "my liege" the tails doll did not take it's eyes off me. gathering up all my strength I stared into it's eyes "rude much?" i said with a spiteful tone but it just stared into my eyes. I could sense anger from the both of them. I look to tails doll's assassin to see a fist and then nothing. when I wake up I find myself tied down on a bloody stone slab. the whole room looked ominous, blood all over the walls, the room looked like something out of the game Amnesia and smelled of decomposing death. I wanted to leave as quickly as I could but I was tied down to the stone slab I was on and the fact I was too afraid to move didn't help me at all. all I could hear was my own heartbeat and breathing, otherwise it was dead silent. then Tails Doll's assassin walked in and looked me dead in the face. I stared back quietly awaiting death then he said "Well, looks like your free." I stared at him Really pissed off. he undid the cuffs that were holding me and I sit up still staring at him "And why is that exactly?" I ask him, rubbing my wrist. He just shrugged and said "no reason that would concern you." and I was fine with that answer as long as I was able to get the heck out of here.  

I began to book It when I saw the Tails Doll right outside the door staring down some hall. I stopped dead in my tracks and just watched. then his assassin nudged me aside and walked out the door I used all the stealth I could muster and quietly snuck past the two and also got a glimpse of what they were staring at. there were 5 people standing the end of the hall.  

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