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"Shluumpy...." -The Tails Doll

The Tails Doll is a doll version of Miles "Tails" Prower, featured in various Sonic the Hedgehog media. It grew to be a murderous being associated with the Tails Doll Curse, a method of summoning it. It is currently deceased, its reign of terror ending at the hands of the Seven Pure Souls. 



Tails Doll appears as a playable character in Sonic R. Debuting here, it was unlocked in the second stage, Radical City, after collecting five sonic coins and beating it in a race. It had poor handling, slow speed, and average acceleration, but it could float over water. Tails Doll was a last resort for Dr. Eggman to catch Sonic off guard during the race. Apart from the gem on top of its head, the Doll is nothing more than a stuffed toy.

Tails Doll appears again in Sonic Adventure, as a cameo character used as a punching bag in the training for Eggman's robots. This same doll appears later as a card in Sonic Rivals and Sonic and the Black Knight. 


Tails Doll haunts Sonic R. The game is cursed, and serves as a gateway for the Doll to enter into this world. It feasts upon the souls of anyone who dares complete its curse. Tails Doll lives inside of his Castle of Horrors, in a desert in another dimension, some theorize it is in the dream world. Tails Doll is surrounded by his servants (people who willfully gave up their lives to serve Tails Doll and retain their free will) and his slaves (people who has their souls sucked by Tails Doll and who are mere carnal shells, mindlessly doing as the doll commands).

The only people able to stand against the Tails Doll would be the Seven Pure Souls, joined with the Eighth Pure Soul. Tails Doll desires to feast upon all of the souls of these people to grow stronger, but once one of them dies, they are soon replaced, unless killed all at once.

It has been described as, "....not of this world, neither machine nor truly alive, the antithesis of life, the void in which existence itself is meaningless, suffering eternal hunger, every pain you've ever felt, every illness you've ever feared, your darkest secrets, some of which you haven't even discovered yet, everything, nothing, omega, the future, slightly orange and somewhat fuzzy." Based on this, we can infer than Tails Doll is not truly alive and thus cannot truly die. It has seemingly contradictory features, both being alive and the antithesis of life, both being everything and nothing, being the future yet having no meaning. Tails Doll has a hunger which can never be totally satisfied for souls, and is the end of things. Some have said, "Before you die, you see Tails Doll," giving it an almost "Grim Reaper" sort of likening. It seems to be dryclean friendly.

It was killed by the Chosen One. Tails Doll's Blood Gem, which contains its equivalent to a soul, was sliced in half, the body impaled and then burned, the ashes and energy scattered about. The essence of the doll was cast out into the Seal Realm, a place which cannot be entered or escaped from. Tails Doll is dead.

In-other canons

The Tails Doll was featured in several "Off Panels" of the Archie Sonic the Hedgehog comics. At one point, in Issue #134, Tails Doll is shown twice in various crowds as a cameo character. Later on, he is given a much larger role as a villain, reflecting upon the Internet meme status of it. 

Tails Doll was created by Dr. Eggman as Project: Deadly Cuddles. Tails Doll was found by Cream the Rabbit in the wreckage of New Mobotropolis after an epic battle with Titan Metal Sonic, who was previously sent by Dr. Eggman to distract the townspeople as he escaped. Tails Doll was carried around by her as a stuffed toy. Tails Doll later caused the town to collapse by messing with the nanites, easily slipping under the radar thanks to Cream. Tails Doll later disappeared from her sight as she was watching a concert by the Forget-me-Knots, and went under the stage to mess with the band. She deduced he was the cause behind the nanite trouble, because he always disappeared when mischief was ensewing. Tails Doll is left at her house later, and leaves, only to be stopped by NICOLE and Team Freedom. It transforms into its true form, a giant monster, which must be defeated. It's control gem was removed, and body kicked off into the distance, never to return back to life.

An unused plotline would have entailed Tails Doll being created as a servant for Metal Sonic after Sonic's long absence into space. This was never explored.

In the Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog, the Tails Doll appears briefly in "Grounder the Genius" where a doll of Tails is used to lure Sonic into Scratch and Grounder's trap. This same doll was reused in "Zoobotnik" for similar purposes by Katella. This doll was not living and has little connections with the Tails Doll other than name and identity.

In the Twitter game Sonic Tweet, Tails Doll appears as a collectable card.

Several people on the Internet have posted romance stories between Tails Doll and the reader online, and it has been featured in several fanfictions and roleplays. 



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