Tails' Nightmare, Tails' Nightmare 2 , and Tails' Nightmare 3 (only available as the demo) are online flash games that feature Tails as the main playable character transversing the hellish world of his nightmares. The first game was created as a Halloween game in 2008 on Newgrounds, and features the Tails Doll as a boss, and a recurring villain.


Animation, Design, and Action Script - Reece Block

Voice of Tails - Meghan Burhand

Beta Testers - Danny S., Jessie V., RicStrife23, Vixin McCloud, Thomas Elias, Seth Fehr, Jon Froese

Action Script Help - Tim Dewitt and Nick K.

Support - Hank Fox, Krimzon Flygon, Danny S., Melissa K., Jessie V., Luis M., Thomas Elias, Michael Etheridge, and Craig G.


There are six different modes of difficulty.

Practice - Lose 1 ring when hit.

Easy - Lose 5 rings when hit.

Normal - Lose 10 rings when hit.

Hard - Lose 20 rings when hit.

Expert - Lose all of your rings when hit.

Sudden death - Rings will not save your life. 


Left arrow key - Move left

Right arrow key - Move right

Z key - Jump

Up arrow key - Look up

Down arrow key - Crouch

Up arrow key + Z key hold - Fly and glide to certain areas

Down arrow key + Z key hold - Charge up a spindash


The story is very simplistic. You start off as Tails, traversing through a maze of platforms, and vines, trying to find a way out of the nightmare. Once you are close to the boss, Tails Doll, the music cuts out, and the doll is shown laying there.

It comes alive once you come close enough, and attacks. Once you do beat it, Tails wakes up, and the Tails Doll is shown to appear behind him. Tails makes the following statement once he knows this, and the screen is black.

"Ugh, you again?!" and a fight scene is heard.


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