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Well, I've completed Sonic R 100% on Sonic Gems Collection on my PS2, and "you know who" hasn't even shown himself to me... or has he? I don't beleive he exists, BUT, he proved me wrong, for he exists in my dreams...

It is a theory I have came up with that those who have enough will power and do not beleive the doll exists will never see the Tails Doll in real life, as they do not beleive he is real. How can a being that doesn't exist to people who don't beleive attempt to attack them then? Simple... through there dreams...

I had a dream when I was in a park with my freinds, then a hazy mist came down. A creepy, puppet like entity was waiting in the mist. I noticed a red glow. Then, an unsettling, whispery sort of voice... saying "CaN YUo FEeL ThE sUNSHiNe?". Then it revealed itself. It's round, empty, unsettling eyes, it's creepy stitchings, and it's shiny, ruby red gem. My freinds ran, so I ran with the, however, the "thing" had other ideas. He all of a sudden appeared straight in fron of my face. "Play with me..." he said, as there was a music box like sound, playing can you feel the sunshine from Sonic R. I batted him out of the way and ran. He was angry. Very angry. He was ready to strike. That is, until 6 familiar looking, colourful "wispy" things came by to save me. It was The Wisps! My gaurdians! I used the Yellow Wisp's power to rip the stuffings out of the doll for good. Afterwards, he slumped down, lifelessly. The last thing he said before going into this "lifeless" trance... was... "just think about the good times... and they will come back again..." like some of the lines in that song from Sonic R...

It was over. The White Wisp allowed me to use his power to make a hasty retreat back home. Afterwards, I played Sonic Adventure 2: Battle (despite not having it in real life ¬.¬'). The song, "Live and Learn", stuck in my head. That was when I woke up.

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