I wrote Believe or Suffer Like I Did, but I really don't understand WHAT I suffered. Now, me and my same friend decided to try to summon the Tails Doll ourselves, without chickening out again (We already tried twice before!). We went to print out the picture, but somehow, the Sonic R version of him came out pink. We went in to summon him AND WE DID, but it didn't work. So I suggested we go back in and I sing Can You Feel The Sunshine? and she just stands there with the special glasses with the mirrors on the inside of the lenses to see behind you. She agreed. I figured she agreed because she wasn't the one singing the doll's theme in the dark. We went in again and I sang. When I got to 'Don't you feel that sometimes, YOU JUST NEED TO RUN AWAY' the picture fell from the mirror and I tackled the door to run. "Yes, you Do need to run away," she joked.

I went home (I slept over her house) and slept just fine. But I'm not done. The next few days were normal, but the dream yesterday... wasn't. It was anything out of the ordinary. The first five minutes were black, but then I saw a field with my friends in it. Then it crowded. I even saw my old 4th grade teachers. I wanted to talk to them, but then I heard someone say, "It's a boring old field. Why... don't we play...tag?" I looked around and I saw a little plushie of Tails with a red gem on it's forehead come closer. I remembered what I saw in the mirror. My pupils glowed red. But, with the thought on my dreaming mind, I decided to play tag with him, along with my other friends too. It all went well, until I tagged the TAILS DOLL. A weird shock went throughout my body and my dream ended. The Tails Doll cursed me. Don't be as stupid as I was to summon him. You'll be cursed for life and afterlife.

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