Life... Is it really all that it is cracked up to be? After all, in the end, most of us won't have achieved anything special. So, are we really so significant in the grand scheme of things?

Last night, while I was stuffing the Tails Doll's hands, a decapitated Ladybug corpse fell out from the stuffing, and it got me to thinking about life. That ladybug probably thought it had so much to live for before it was killed. It probably thought, in its limited way of thinking, "Why me? I have so much longer to live!" But yet... It didn't. Each of us thinks that there is something special about us. Something that makes us worthy of living forever.

The Tails Doll realizes there is nothing special about us. And he laughs at us when we think there is. He has probably heard so many people begging him to let them live, that they are too young to die. Yet, if we were in the same position as most other animal species, we would die so very young.

Well, that is the end of this morbid train of thought.

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