This is the rules page of this wiki. Please read them over thoroughly to be a good part of our community. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact one of our Administrators!

Main Rules

  • No personal Attacks towards other users - Basically, this means to be kind to other users, do not personally attack them. If you are having problems with a certain user, contact an Administrator. To tell someone to commit suicide or say you'll kill them, even while kidding, is against the rules. Threatening the life of someone in a non-realistic fashion may still count, depending on the severity and honesty of the threat. The only exception to death threats are in roleplaying.
  • No Edit Warring - If someone begins adding information that may or may not be vital to a page, and one continues to revert this person's edits, it may transform into an edit war. If both users are disagreeing with what they think is correct/incorrect, leave the page as it formerly was and discuss it on the talk page.
  • No threatening to commit suicide or other similar forms of drama. This causes discomfort for people, and causes the wiki to become an uncomfortable place to be. 
  • No spam - To spam is to repeatedly say something or do something or link something or upload something more than it needs to be. Do not do this, it clogs up space on the wiki. You may, however, spam chat since one can "F5" and the spam will disappear. Do not spam in-chat if the majority of users on at the time says not to or if two or more people are in a conversation, and it interrupts it. Spamming emoticons is not advised, as it causes lag and strain on computers, but not TECHNICALLY against the rules.
  • Do not be away for more than ten minutes without saying "BRB" or "AFK" - You will be deemed "in-bed" and may be kicked. Leaving chat open for too long can kill your computer and even your Internet tower, so it's for your own good. If you aren't talking, why are you on chat anyway?
  • No vandalism, period - Vandalism is when you add false content to a page, insert unlawful spam, or blank a page. Vandalizing the userpage of someone else is treated as harassment and with be dealt with according to that rule.
  • No sockpuppeting - Unless you receive the consent of the admins, sockpuppeting is forbidden. Sockpuppeting, for a brief definition, is using two or more accounts simultaneously or using an account to get over a ban. If something happens to your original account, make a new one. But DO NOT use one to get over a ban. If this happens, one account will be banned forever, the other, for a year. One can use two or more accounts simultaneously, however, if the majority of the admins says it is okay, as long as said admins know who is sockpuppeting and who the sockpuppet is.
  • No Meatpuppeting - Meatpuppeting is the alteration of someone else's words on a page, primarily talkpages, the removal of their message, or pretending to be someone else. Meatpuppeting is fine when roleplaying, the third kind, but otherwise, never do it. Blanking of a talk page, whether your own or someone else's, is a form of meatpuppeting. However, an admin can remove a section of a user's talk page or otherwise remove a message if it is questionable or offensive.
  • No sexual content, period: All pornography, sexually explicit content and images, and sexual slang and language is forbidden.
  • Images and videos must be moderated All offensive imagery uploaded to the site must stay clean; they are in full public view and every rule applying to articles and user behavior applies to pictures as well. Do not modify pictures without the consent of the original uploader. This applies to videos, as well. Please do not upload any images or videos under copyright without consent of the publisher.
  • No harassment, period - Under no circumstances will harassment and personal threats be tolerated. Harassment is regulated by North American and British law. If we find your threat serious enough, you may be reported you to the wikia staff, who may put you under investigation with the authorities or tag you with a global ban from Wikia. If said offensive behavior occurs in a roleplay, moderate it so that it doesn't feel personal to the target.
  • Users that are not admins, DO NOT add the deletion tag - Consult an admin or speak on the talk page on why the page should be deleted, but do not add the deletion tag. 
  • 'No hateful comments 'towards religion, sexuality, race, gender, or ethnicity - If you've got a problem with Asians, homosexuals, or men, fine. Just don't let everyone else know. Nobody wants to be around you talking about how much you hate a racial group or otherwise, it's awkward and just plain mean.
  • Do not link pages with inappropriate content - Rules against swearing, offensive comments, offensive imagery, and general harassment are in full play when creating an article. This wiki is meant to stay safe-for-work, so please consider that for our younger audiences.
  • Pages should not be kept if they have nothing to do with Tails Doll or are "stubs", which means does not have enough content on them to be considered a page. A page is, AT MINIMUM, one paragraph, or five sentences. 
  • When making a page, please use legible, punctuated sentences and words and proper grammar - ik zis r00l mit $eem s bt fr owetttt bbyr qe ned iiiittt. People can't understand you unless you use proper grammar. Talk pages, blogs, userpages, and chat, those are casual. If you want to make a page though, type professionally. English isn't your strong suit? Run it through an online spellchecker, or ask someone to copyedit it for you. When presenting evidence to an admin to get them banned, please, use proper grammar to show you actually care about the problem in question. 

Code of Conduct

  • Be Friendly - If someone new joins/you are new, the user group of "veterans" (people who have been here for over a few months) must show respect and kindness towards new users, especially if they accidentally do something wrong without their knowledge. The user group of new users must follow these rules should any mistakes happen, and not attempt shielding themselves saying "I'm new, you noob." This is considered insulting. Admins are not to ban any new users without knowledge of rules unless their behavior is particularly egregious.
  • DO NOT FEED THE TROLLS - Trolls are people who annoy you for the purpose of getting a response. Trolling in essence isn't against the rules, unless it gets out of hand, but is semi-immoral. If you have a problem with someone, tell an admin to tell them to stop messaging you or block them in PM if on chat. DO NOT call them trolls or get angry, though. That shows they've won.
  • Please Be Civil! - Our small wiki/community is to be a place of fun/enjoyment. Do not be mean to another user in any way. If you want to complain about someone, do it in PMs while they aren't around as not to offend them, or bring it up to an admin.
  • Respect all "Tacos and Fishes!" - This is a way of telling other users to respect what other people respect. Don't trample over other's likes and dislikes. If you don't like it, don't argue about it.

Administrator Rules

  • Administrate well - If you are granted Administration powers, use them well! Do not abuse your powers in any way. Administrators gain many useful tools for the wiki that normal users cannot use. Admins can:
  • Ban users for disobeying the rules
    • A ban can be changed or lifted if it is deemed unfair. A person should be given three "strikes". On their third "strike", they will be banned. If, however, it breaks a more "serious rule", such as explicit sexual content, pornography, or extreme harassment, a ban can be justified on the first time. Banning policies vary from admin to admin.
  • Lock pages when edit warring occurs, and warn the user.
  • Delete images and videos that break the rules.
  • Delete pages in the "Marked for Deletion" category, and put up the Deletion tag for pages that are not justified as pages.

*A "Rollback" tool is added to the history section of an edited page. This allows a Rollback/Admin to revert edits in a single click (The "undo" button is handy for explaining why you're undoing an edit). The Rollback button can be used to revert multiple edits of a single user back to the previous revision of a different user as well.

*Do not favor one user over another. It is unprofessional, and unfair.

Do not ban a user out of personal hate or preference. : This behavior falls under the same category as harassment: admins shouldn't be tyrants abusing their power for their favor.

Chat Moderator Rules

  • Chat mod(erator)s should not abuse their powers. They can  kick someone "for-fun" if they wish, but not on new users, while angered at a user, or in excess. Keep in mind I said kick, because kicking doesn't leave a mark on your record, while blocking/banning, does, and doing that will have your powers stripped, never. to. be. seen. again.
  • A chat mod(erator) can make up a rule, FOR CHAT, that is in-use while the mod in question is on, as long as it does not contradict other rules and is not deemed "ridiculous". If the majority of the chat agrees this is ridiculous, it must be overruled and the mod should be reported to the admins.

User Rights

This list goes from the lowest ranking users to the highest ranking users
  • Blocked Users - Users who have been blocked for breaking the rules
  • Banned from Chat - Users who have been banned from the chat due to breaking the rules
  • Regular Users - Fairly obvious. Users who have no special rights or ranking
  • Rollbacks - Users who can use the "Rollback" tool (As explained in the Administration rules section)
  • Chat Moderators - Users who have power to enforce rules in the chat and kickban users who disobey the rules. Administrators and Bureaucrats automatically have this right as well
  • Administrators - Users who have rights to control the wiki, enforce rules, etc. (As explained in the Administration rules section)
  • Bureaucrats - Users who have the highest level of authority, mostly Administration powers
  • Founders - Reserved for one user only. This is for those who have created a certain wiki, and are the de facto head of the wiki. They can choose what to do with it as long as other members are notified, and have the same basic rights and powers as a bureaucrat.

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