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Sonic R Game Case For SEGA Saturn

It all started when i first played Sonic Gems Collection, It was a very fun game at the time it was released. There was one thing that was awkward about the game though, There is an unlockable character, Named the "Tails Doll" It's actually pretty cute if you think about it. I selected him and went on with the game, Nothing like him coming and killing me or something happened. It was a completely normal race. Then after a while i finished the game. Leaving it to gather dust over the years. I decided to look up some sonic videos on Youtube. This is where i found out about the entire curse

. They say if you tag Super Sonic with Tails doll, He'll come and kill you. This was a very. VERY stupid thing. Who would believe in it? Then i tried it, My finger pushed in the A button. Choosing tails doll. I went into the race preparing for the worst, Egg-Robo, Metal Sonic, Mecha Knuckles, And Super sonic ran as fast as they could. Like they were avoiding something. Flying as fast as he could, Tails Doll slammed into Egg-Robo. "One down!" I said, But the weird part is that he didn't just stand there looking dissapointed. He fell to the ground. Metal Sonic was hard to catch,

Tails Doll managed to run through the little forest which acts as a shortcut, Then metal sonic sped up, I'm thinking "I don't remember him being able to do that. But oh well." In the sky, Mecha Knuckles was gliding. So i took the chance to jump out and hit him out of the air, It worked, But like Egg-Robo. He just fell to the ground like a lifeless body, The sky turned dark in the game. Metal sonic managed to run through the water faster than Tails Doll could.

He ran into the door which you have to open with rings to get a chaos emerald, I caught up and tagged him. Before he got tagged though. It looked like he was trying to break the door down. And then this was it. No Metal Sonic, Mecha Knuckles, Or Egg-Robo I got close to Super Sonic, He managed to speed up a little more. Again. Tails doll caught up and tagged him. But something was wrong. Tails doll threw Super Sonic's body like a ragdoll, It landed into the ocean. The chaos emeralds came flying out of him. Tails doll turned to the screen,

He managed to open his mouth and did a smile that could kill,

Then it started... I was using my computer, Talking to my friends. Tails Doll came charging at me,

Just like Super Sonic in Sonic R, He managed to throw me across my room. I was thrown into the window which broke and sent me flying out the window. Tails Doll gave me that same darn smile and then dissapeared. To this day he hasn't appeared again.

Maybe he has other people on his mind...

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