Resort Island

Resort Island is the first level of Sonic R. Metal Sonic is unlocked here, and it houses two Chaos Emeralds. Flickies reside here, and it is possible this was where Sonic and Tails were vacationing.


This track is easiest, with two major shortcuts--the mountian that houses a Sonic Token, and trees right before the Mobius Loop. To even it out, a Mobius Loop was put right before the finish line. There are ancient ruins if you turn right, and a small highway esque area on the left. There are volcanos, mountians, seaside views, and small highway's. Small islands are also to the right after the ruins, and one holds a Sonic Token.

Tails Doll Curse

This track contains Tails Doll's theme song, Can You Feel the Sunshine?. It is said that if you do the Sonic R curse, it is extra strong.

Instruction Manual

The instruction manual states the following:

"It's a wonderful day for a race on this tropical island paradise. A nice blue sky, lots of greenery, a pretty's all here. Get too enchanted, though, and you might slip into the water or bump into a coconut tree. Take the time to hop around the smaller islands. Going for a little rock climbing is well worth the effort too."


The main theme song for this track is Can You Feel the Sunshine?, Tails Doll's main theme.


  • One of the huts on this track has a Christian ichthys, or Christian fish. The head programmer was religious and inserted it in as an easter egg.

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