This is Jason Greene, detective of the FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation) and I'm filing in some reports about some recent murders/missing persons that seem to have the same cause of death, or disappearance. I am posting excerpts of this information here, because some of these stories here match the pattern of these unspeakable crimes.

Jenkinson Residence It appears that one family member, approximately 15 years of age, has died by having all limbs, (legs, arms, ect.) cut off, and reattached by what appears to be sewing fabric. The boy's family is missing, but two dolls resembling his guardians, were found at the scene. According to the autopsy, the child’s organs were removed, and replaced with cotton stuffing. A video game disk labeled "Sonic R" was found in close proximity to the body. The only other clues were written on walls in the boy’s blood. "Can you feel the sunshine?" and "Tails Doll" were scrawled repeatedly with human viscera.

Remodious Residence A disappearance has occurred within the Remodious residence, where one teenager has gone missing missing, leaving a grizzly crime scene behind him. His older brother was found dead with lacerations by what forensics believe to be a stainless-steel knife. The boy’s guardians unfortunately met the same fate. There were no traces of the murderer or the missing boy. Again, written on the walls of the residence was "Tails Doll" over and over again, followed by the word "forever.”

Unknown Residence In this investigation, no one was able to identify the residence in which the crime occurred. The house does not appear within civic records, and the neighbors cannot recall ever really seeing it before. Evidence suggests two sisters were living there, named Kron and Circe. Though Kron was not able to be found, the body of Circe was discovered on the floor. Never had I seen a crime more unsettling -- it appears that the victim's eyes were somehow tinted black, while their pupils had been turned red. The mouth of the victim was opened up ... unnaturally. Again, there was cotton and orange fabric lodged down their throat. The girl referred to as Kron is still at large.

There are too many similar cases to name, but the bureau keeps cabinet full of them. I am still trying to figure these out myself. They puzzle me greatly. Such grizzly scenes should reveal traces of the murderer, yet there is none. I will track this man down if it takes my entire career!

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