Radical City

A map of Radical City. Violet and Green mean Chaos Emeralds, yellow mean Sonic Tokens.

Radical City is the second track in Sonic R. It houses two Chaos Emeralds and you can unlock Tails Doll on this track.


The area is a very unsafe city at first glance, but after journying farther into the city it has a casino feel to it. At the beginning of the level there is a large hill-road that provides a shortcut for players playing as Knuckles, Metal Knuckles, Tails, and Tails Doll. The five Sonic Tokens are well hidden in this large city. It is considered intermediate to some players, do to the complexety and various traps & shortcuts. It can be hard coming in third or higher when collecting the bonus items, but is possible.

Instruction Manual

The instruction manual states the following:

"This course is plenty wide. Gaps in the railing aren't just accidental breaks! Waterways look like slow going at first, but they can save you some time if you know which turns to take. And speaking of turns, there are a couple of tight ones to add to your fun. Ever wondered what it would be like to be a pinball?"


The song here is Living in the City. When snowing, it is played at a lower pitch.

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