Well, Chaosarrow's my name, and of course I'm in life and death situations 24/7.


1:39 am. It was well into nighttime. Something had woken me from a dark, dreamless, nightmare-less sleep.


"Guess it was just the wind." I was staying in a hotel, summer had just began, and things were getting worse. I was on vacation with my family. Home would be my turf in about five days. I unveiled the window the first chance I got, and none other than the Tails Doll was standing about three-hundred feet from where I was standing.

Then, the Doll seemed to fade away, and in about thirty seconds he was gone entirely. I was in sheer terror shock when I realized he was gone. "Get some sleep, you need it." I said to myself. That was the end of the first night, and only the first step into a even darker, more dangerous summer. The second night I awoke form the same sleep, and this time it was worse. My eyes opened and the room was completely dark, and the room's shadows were moving. I have "A Power" that lets me do some pretty cool stuff. My dad came in the room to shut the closet door. "Why is he doing that," I thought. He left the room and said nothing.

I glanced at the clock. 3:01 am. Bad, very, very bad. The closet door slid open, and a dark shadow stepped out. My eyes filled with terror as the shadow changed shape and got smaller, as it got closer to me and the air above it started glowing a red color. At the foot of my bed it had the appearance that he was kneeling or honoring me. Then my ankles started feeling like every sort of pain imaginable had started attacking them. I backed up until I was at the edge of the bed and fell off. There were about two feet between the bed and the sliding glass door's shades. I turned to the right corner of the room, and my iPod was plugged in, charging. I picked it up and put the headphones on. I selected the song "Me Against the World" by Simple Plan. I was thought that the music might be able to drown out the TD's telepathy, it didn't work.

"Chaosarrow, might it be you? So, I come here to tell you something and you run away?"


He smiled evilly at me cringing in the corner. I have something to ask of you, so your soul is safe...for now. "Fine. Then what is it?" I asked with terror in my words. "I can see that you fear me." "So?" I said with more strength in my voice. "Better. Anyway, create me a vessel and you will be spared. What?! You heard me. It's the task or your life." "Fine, though it probably won't be perfect."

"Good enough. Take your time. Oh, and that power of could be useful to me one day."

Everything went dark. I

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