Hey. Just call me Artezza. I am one who has fallen prey to the tails doll.

This tale took place one night when I was looking for info on the curse. It seems Sonic R is no longer the only method the doll is using to break into our world, judging by the stories on this site. Like a fool, I've been trying out other ways to see what makes the doll manifest in our world. I have also been looking for ways to beat the doll.

On the night in question, the doll came looking for me. I was always careful with my experiments, so as not to call the doll to my location, but he grew weary of my "games" as he called them, and came on his own accord.

He appeared on my computer screen, and deleted most of my files (not that I require them anymore) before entering our world once again. At first, I tried sealing it in a certain object, but as the doll already possesses a physical form, so it didn't work. I tried certain methods to harm it, however, once again, my attempts were foiled by the doll's physical form ("How could I have thought a doll could feel pain?" I asked myself afterward).

Eventually, I ran out of ideas, and I was hanging on to my computer desktop to support myself after the doll inflicted numerous wounds on me. Like many others, he offered me a choice: join him, or have my soul devoured. Remembering the stories on this site, I refused, and so he attempted to pull my soul from my body. However, unbeknownst to the doll, one of the electrical cables that littered the floor under my desktop had been severed, so in a desperate attempt, i picked it up and jammed it into a hole I made in the doll with a dagger I had used earlier. Even though it couldn't feel pain, it's concentration was broken. As a casualty, the piece of my soul he was holding on to broke off, and I was sent tumbling backwards into my computer.

However, my soul was should I put this? Unstable, if you will. I have a feeling the Tails Doll is going to be disagreeing with something he ate. Heh, heh, heh!

O'h, and if you're wondering what happened to the rest of my soul....lets just say, my favourite song is now, "this machine", by julien-k.

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