Recently, I've begun to feel...paranoid.

I remember... I read this site so very, very long ago. And just recently, I saw a video about the Tails Doll on Youtube. I wanted to forget about the Doll so badly, and I eventually did..only to come back and read about it once more, in the middle of the night, alone, in the dark, with no other human being in the house awake, occasionally looking behind me in fear.

I hardly could get to sleep last night. I kept hearing the quietest sounds, rolling in bed to see my door to calm myself, actually fearing my computer and TV would switch on in the middle of the night to show the cold, soulless beady eyes of that accursed Doll. I told a friend. She was hardly able to get to sleep after reading about the Doll. I'm beginning to question my safety. The thing is, I've never gotten anywhere near Sonic R, on any console, or in Gems Collection.

I've made a point of not getting near it. But I still feel unsafe after hearing that the Doll can come after you without playing the game. I'm always alert, afraid I'll see that red glow, or that dreaded 'Schhhlumpy' noise, or something like it. If anyone has any good ideas on how to protect one's self against the Doll and its curse, please, send me an email immediately. I'll need it. If I truly do encounter the Doll, I'll put an update here.

Things are...rather unsettling, but I actually have my doubts. I'm sure the Doll exists on Sonic R, but not so sure anywhere else. Really now, you have to draw the line somewhere. Someone here claims to be a shapeshifter? I'm looking at you, Sonic, on page 8. Not to mention the whole premise--a doll coming out of Sonic R, killing/enslaving/soul-stealing/whatever-ing people? Where on earth is the logic in it all? It all seems like codswallop and overactive imagina...


No! No! He's--he's front of..mmmee...e..

cAn YoU fEeL tHe SuNsHiNe? yOuR fRiEnD hErE cAn..AnD sOoN tHe ReSt Of YoU wIlL...

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