Hello. I would prefer not to say my name, but please call me NiGHTS. It's my favorite character, besides the Tails Doll.

I mean, I am a HUGE Tails Doll fan. This story is about a time I was REALLY obsessed with him.

Saturday afternoon, 1:37 pm.

I was listening to Jonathan Coultan's song, "Creepy Doll" on one tab on my computer, on the other tab, I was looking on eBay for Sonic plushees. Then I saw it. The Tails Doll? On eBay? I HAD to have it, so I convinced my mom to buy it for me. After all, it was worth my week's worth of allowance. The next week, on Thursday, my Tails Doll came. I opened it up. There it was. All of it: Its shiny gem that glows red in the dark and its black button eyes shimmering in the sunlight. I could DEFINITELY feel the sunshine. When I came in, a storm began, so I went to the Internet Channel on my Wii, and watched clips from Michael Jackson's game, "Moonwalker." I really wished I had that game.

Then the gem glowed. It glowed so bright that I thought I was going to go blind! Then the light dimmed. In front of me was the Tails Doll on the coffee table... holding Moonwalker the video game!

"Holy crud," I said. "You can grant wishes? Wow! Oh, yeah. I must be going CRAZY! Dolls can't talk! I'm talking to a stuffed animal. Hahaha!"

"Oh, yeah." I heard a voice say. "Hilarious," it said in a sarcastic tone of voice. I realized it was coming from my Tails Doll! I squeaked with excitement. I never scream unless I'm scared. EVER.

It began to float in front of me. "Why did you buy me?" it asked. To me, I thought that question was silly. "I bought you because I think you're cute and harmless, Tails Doll!" "But haven't you heard the legends? About me killing people?" "Yeah." "And you're... still not afraid?" "Not afraid." "Why?" "Because those legends are a bunch of baloney, that's why!" I said. "I came up with my OWN legend, too." "Tell it to me, please," it said. I bet none of you ever thought the Tails Doll would ever say "please." I told him my legend. My legend states that he's just looking for a friend, and when he gets one, he won't hurt them or kill them or any of their friends or family members. As I was about to say "The End," my brother shouted out that he was going to his friend Zell's house. I asked him to hurry up. It's a lot more quiet when my brother's out of the house. And I like it that way. I REALLY do. :) A few days later, the news reported that two teenagers had died in a car crash. None of them was my brother, thank goodness. I may not like his music, but he sure can help when I'm stuck in a video-game related tragedy! The news reported they had died on Monday evening.

I found that strange. ... Because my Tails Doll said it was going out for a walk that evening. ... And when it came back, it was covered in blots of fruit punch and water. Or so I thought. I soon figured out it was blood and gasoline. ... Oh, how I pray my Tails Doll didn't kill them. Well, I HIGHLY doubt he did, but you know. He's still with me in my house, being my friend and everything. But those clues... I wonder... but... he couldn't have... could he?


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