Hello. I call myself the Omen of Angels, as in "keeper of the dark and light and master of everything in between." I read your site when I found videos of the doll on Youtube, so I came to investigate, and shortly after, begin having strange occurrences.

One night, I went up to my room after reading some stories (from this site) and I was wondering if i could get its attention by softly singing "Can You Feel the Sunshine." I was in bed when I sang, and right after I heard from the other side of the room the infamous "SCHLUMPY!!" It sounded like a hiss, but i wasn't afraid. Instead, I sat up and said "are you there, creature?" I heard no reply.

The day after, I had a dreamed I was on the bus and the Tails Doll fell from the ceiling. I quickly picked it up and tore it to shreds (with great strength, might add) and I woke up. I knew it wouldn't have been easy, and I was right, since the night after I had another strange dream.

I don't know how -- I was in an alley way, and a purple sports car was at the end of it. The first time I got in the car, my friend Josh was driving, but then it replayed again. The second time I got in, I was suddenly eye to eye with the Tails Doll and I blacked out. In another part of that dream, the Tails Doll was in a pink UFO in front of Josh and I heard that if I don't reach him in 2 hours, I'm dead. The dream ended when I was on my way.

The weekend after that night (last night on Saturday), Josh came over for a sleepover and we thought it would be fun to try the bathroom curse. My comp was right next to the bathroom, and we would get all my Nerf guns and try to see if its real. We did a tiny test at 7:30, but we thought we would again at 11:00, so we waited. I put on my soda drink helmet (with a built in megaphone) and took my Nerf longshot and Josh who had a Nerf shotgun and night finder, and we closed the door as "Livin in the City" played backwards. During that test, I told Josh to swirl around the red light pointer on the night finder to perform a sort of "Mating call." We didn't come up with anything so we tried again, only with "Can You Feel the Sunshine?" backwards. We didn't see anything, but we both heard a strange rhythmic thumping noise in the kitchen, just outside the door. The rest of the night was peaceful, as always. In the morning, Josh said he saw a red flash of light in the backroom (the room thats behind us) and it disappeared. Thus leading to the writing of this series of event

One last thing -- a lot of stuff wondered, like does the gem on its head shoot lightning and does the doll have an army, were all answered when I discovered this site the next day! YES! I'm also being bombarded with coincidences. Am I really on thin ice? I'll keep ya posted on any strangeness or sightings

Omen out

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