Hello, My name is Kida Von. I am a Tails Doll fanatic and think he is helping me. Here's my story:

I'm not what you'd call "normal." I have small lung problems and am constantly getting throat infections.

I'm also slow and weak. I bought the Sonic Gems Collection and soon beat Sonic R 100%. I found it fun and played as Tails Doll in "Tag 4 Characters" many times, and was dissapointed when he didn't show up. But I noticed when I play Sonic R as the Tails Doll, I get stronger and my throat heals a bit. Sometimes, after playing and going to sleep I can faintly hear "Can you feel the sunshine?" in the background and a plush hand brushing my face.

One day, a girl at my school was making fun of my "skin problems." In my mind, I wished she would disappear, and wonder of wonders, she disappeared for a week and returned with a "TD" scar on her hand and a note that read 'Never mess with an ally of the TD.'

It scared me a bit the next day when I found a Huge Purple Gem (a Chaos Emerald?) which went missing. Soon afterwards, I received a "post it" note in its place saying that I now had a gift and that the emerald was payment...

I think I may be a pure soul. The Tails Doll seems to have taken an interest in me. I fear for my soul. For better or worst, I have but one question:

Can you feel the sunshine?

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