Have you ever heard of the legend of the “Tails Doll?" If not, I’ll explain it to you. If you beat the game known as Sonic R with 100% the Tails Doll character will come out of your TV and take your soul. My cousin and I looked down on such a thing and laughed at the idea so my cousin decided to try to prove it wrong...however he failed in his quest. Many years ago, my cousin bought the game Sonic R. and he told me he would play it all day until I came over to spend the night. He didn’t think on how horribly easy it was to beat.

When I arrived at his house, I went up to the door and it opened without me twisting the knob. The lights were off and I tried to turn them on, but no luck there and I walked into the living room then the lights came on and there were body parts nailed to the wall. I recognized these body parts they were the parts of my cousin’s parents and younger brother. The body parts were nailed on the wall to make words and the words were “T.D. WAS HERE!” I almost hurled in my mouth at the smell until I realized my cousin was not here nor was his game system. Then I heard a noise coming from upstairs and it was the sound of the Tails Doll theme song. It was “Can You Feel the Sunshine,” the reason I knew this was because my cousin had let me listen to it.

As I slowly walked upstairs, the music got louder and then when I walked into his room all I saw was the light from the TV and my cousin sitting in front of it. I walked closer and where the Tails Doll should have been was faded off the screen. I looked into my cousin’s face and his eyes were black and he had a blood red gem on his forehead. He was holding a Tails Doll instead of a controller. He fell forward and written on his back in scratches that cut his skin and made him bleed was the sentence “T.D. WAS HERE!” This horrifying thing that happened hadn’t prepared me for what was next. The screen of the TV went black and the Tails Doll showed on the screen and said “Come, now it’s your turn to play.” After hearing those words I immediately took out the game and turned off the TV. I walked home after calling the cops and got them to come check out the scene.

When I got home, I ignored everyone and immediately went to my room to start playing the game. After I lost track of time, I believe it was about 3 hours I finally beat the game and the character select automatically came up and the Tails Doll character was missing. Then from behind me I heard a maniacal laughter gradually getting louder as I slowly turned to face it and I saw probably the most horrifying thing I’d ever see. It’s black eyes that froze you in time, it’s blood red gem that looked like blood flowing, the blood of it’s past victims, and his blood drenched claws that he used on past victims. The Tails Doll then spoke in a voice full to the brim with malice and said, “Congratulations, child, you’re the one millionth person to unleash me and since you have done so I will not leave until I have slain over one million people on this planet.” Then I reacted solely on instinct from what I had read and I started grabbing random sonic character plushies I had in my room and threw them at the Tails Doll’s head. He then said, “Hey wait a minute.” As he reached down for a plushy that I had just thrown at his head and it was my Cosmo plushy. “Got a thing for Cosmo?” I asked. He then responded, “I’ll leave you alone and go back to the game if you give me this plushy deal?” I stood in thought for a second and said, “Lets see lose my plushy or lose the lives of over one million people? We got a deal.” The Tails Doll and there was a bright light and I passed out from it.

I awoke in my bed the very next day and got up then on instinct went to my cousin’s house and so I went up to the door and opened it and my cousin was sitting on the couch playing his Wii. I walked over to him and asked, “Aren’t you going to play Sonic R?” He looked at me and responded, “NO FRIGGIN’ WAY IN HELL!” I asked him, “Why is that?” he responded, “Not after the dream I had last night where I beat the game and my soul was sent to endless torture in the realm of the Tails Doll.” So I figured that it was all a dream, but was that really what it was?

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