In my 16 years of life, I've been one of the biggest fans of Sonic the Hedgehog, as long as I can remember I've played Sega's sonic games, from Sonic Shuffle to Knuckles Chaotix even the 3-D arcade game, you name it, I've probably played, beaten, and been convinced by siblings to sell it.

So I've beaten Sonic R, got all the characters, chaos emeralds, etc..., and I not only did it on Gems collection, I completed Sonic R on the PC and the Saturn. I don't remember much of my younger times, but from what my parents say, I had started having night terrors around the time I beat Sonic R for my friend on his Saturn. Given these aren't your regular everyday, "oh I'm scared can I have a cookie to help me feel better" nightmares, they were what people go to shrinks for. My parents, supporting as they were, wanted to take me to a psychiatrist's office, although with their income we could hardly afford 5 minutes with one. Lacking the money for the mind shrink, we tried to keep going along with our life, and as such, they bought me the occasional sonic game, and as with wounds, the night terrors stopped after a while.

Around the 4th grade, our school allowed us to buy stuff out of some book magazine. I, of course, hadn't cared until I was told of one of the possible purchases a bundle of Sonic and Knuckles and Sonic R for the PC. As naive as I was, I blundered the $20 needed to buy it and in due time, I got my games. Luckily, my father was a computer whiz, and so his machine met the requirements. About a week later, I had started having those horrible dreams again, and talking to some old friends, I apparently said "Can you feel the sunshine" a lot. My parents were somewhat oblivious to what was happening this time, though I believe they just thought it would go away again, and of course it eventually did, not without what I believe to be my soul.

Around 2006, I had finally found a used copy of Gems collection, I impulse bought that like I was some sort of addict -- I couldn't wait to play a working copy of Sonic CD! I got home and I knew there was something wrong as soon as I opened the box. On the manual, someone had written, "CaN yOu FeeL tHe SuNshINe?"...

Of course I thought nothing of it at the time, I was thinking, "oh, it's a used copy anyways, anyone could've written that." So I go through everything I can in Gems, Fighters, CD, even Vectorman, and eventually Sonic R. I'm sitting here having flashbacks about everything in the game, "there's a coin in here, the emerald's in that alcove, etc", and then I get to unlocking the Tails Doll The race starts, and he just turns around as I race on ahead. I'm thinking this is the easiest thing in the game, especially after unlocking Mecha-Knux. I finish the race, save the game, etc. That night, I go to sleep, and I have this dream about this dangling red light, the entire dream consisted of this red light getting closer. That next day I hear about Sonic The Hedgehog Next Gen, which is also scheduled to come out around my birthday, not only that but reserving it at a local Gamestop will score you a nice statuette of Sonic himself, celebrating his fifteenth year in gaming. I mow some yards, sell a few games, and I have the $60 for the 360 version, and a sweet action sonic figurine planted on my tv. Since then, I haven't had any problems sleeping, although every now and then, I'll be at camp or somewhere far from my home, and after a few days I start feeling... this daunting sense of what I can only describe as hatred.

Sonic Next Gen might not have been Sega's plan, I think they were making a deterrent to the TD curse, but I don't know.

All I know is when I move out, that thing is coming with me.

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