Do you remember me? You probably don't, considering its almost been a year since I told MY story. But its me, Kron, Kron the Chronicler, and welcome to "Sinister: Part Two."

So I haven't been on in a while. Sorry... Can't get on the computer much when your being chased by not only the police but also a demon plush. (After I ran off, my parents contacted the police. The doctors think I might be a little psychotic. Psychotic? Heh! What do they know?!) But after all I've done to keep my identity a secret, I guess I might as well have a little vacation from hiding. Well, I won't tell you where I'm at actually for it might jeopardize my safety, but I'll say this: I'm far away from home. Like, REALLY really far.

Anyway, I did some things I never thought I would do -- I died my hair and I burned off my finger prints. Dang, did it hurt. But, being no one is half the battle. I'm working in a small Gamestop, in a town where everybody knows everybody, and they know the me that I've created, and that me is just like everyone else. Well, as much like everyone else as a family-less, homeless person can be.

I work with a blond girl. Her name is Fauna -- weird, I know --but anyway, it's Fauna. And even weirder, her last name is Deer. Heh! Fauna Deer! Woah, back on track. Any way, I work with her, and one day she came in with a big stack of Sonic Gems for the Game Cube. Strange, I thought, the game has been out forever and really wasn't very popular.

"What's that?" I asked her. She looked at me and said, "I don't really know... We just got a new shipment of these old games. Hmmm," she said, taking one out and examining it, "Sonic R? I don't understand why. None of the kids around here have a GameCube anymore, anyway."

"I don't know, Fauna. Maybe we should send it back?" I told her trying to stop more people's lives from being ruined. She shook her head and said, "Naw, the address is right and everything. We'll set 'em out and if they don't sell we'll set 'em back in the store room for a while."

"Ok," I agreed hoping no one would buy the cursed game. A few days passed, and Fauna invited me over to her house for a party. I agreed -- free food was graciously accepted since money was scarce for me.

The party passed quickly and soon I was the only guess left. I was sitting on her couch when she said, "Lemme check on Sye. I'll be back in a bit." Sye was her son and I nodded. He was only seven and had been back in his room playing video games most of the time. All of a sudden, I heard Fauna scream. "SYE! Sye what's wrong?!" I ran into the room, Fauna was bent over Sye, sobbing. Quickly she turned to me and yelled, panicky, "Call 911 right now. Something's wrong with Sye! Something's wrong with my little boy..." As she told me I saw over her shoulder her son. He was white as a ghost, and his pupils had enlarged so much it looked as though his eyes were black. The TV screen was black, so I ran out. I thought maybe he had a seizure, but in the back of my mind there was that feeling -- I knew it was more than that.

I picked up the phone and dailed 911, but all I got was static. I called again and got the same thing. Then I heard Fauna scream that blood curdling scream that haunted my nightmares.

"Oh no," I said. I ran to the front door and tried to open it. It was locked and I heard him chuckle from behind me. 'You can try to run... change your looks... your identity... But you'll always be Kron.' I heard his evil voice in my head and turned around. He wasn't there. 'Hahahaha' his evil laugh sent chills down my spine, ' What's wrong Kron? I can see through your disguise... For your soul will always be the same in my eyes. Pure and sweet...' I turned around again, searching for him. 'You amuse me. How you run around like a trapped rat. I know that you pray at night and cry yourself to sleep.' I moaned... He was starting to get to me. He was breaking down my mental barriers faster than I could imagine. 'Humans are so amusing... Fragile as they are. Your guilt and your concence will always bewilder me. You think its your fault that Circe died... Hahaha... That girl had a death wish. She wanted to die. Did she ever tell you she'd overdosed before?' "That's not true!" I cried out, "Not freakin' true!" "Ha! More human emotions. Trust. Loyalty. It all amuses me. What do you get from these feelings? Nothing but pain and suffering. Well, I pity you. Pft.... pity doesn't describe how much you pathetic mortals depress me.'

I saw a shadow block the light in front of me. I looked up at him. His black eyes freaked me out but I was beyond the breaking point already and stared vacantly back at him.

I must've blacked out.

Although I don't know where I am right now, I have a feeling that you might be hearing from me a lot sooner than last time...

Or maybe not at all...

Oh, and one last thing.

Can you feel the sunshine?

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