One day, my friend was on a cliff enjoying the scene of the ocean, but then something happened. It was wrong -- terribly wrong. She fell. She did not die, but had every bone in her body broken.

On the cliff she fell off of, I could see a doll with dark eyes, lying on the ground. It was as if the dolls eyes had been torn out completely. That's when I came to the conclusion that the doll was responsible. After all, I had heard about the Tails Doll on a website, and my friend had recently beaten Sonic R. I grabbed the doll and tore its head off, burnt the pieces, and ground them up and sent them into the ocean.

That had to do it! The doll the had haunted my childhood was finally dead! It had to be!!!

Not long afterwards, someone took a random photo of me and gave it to me and said it would be $20. I said that I didn't want a picture, the man handed it to me anyways. When I get home, I looked at the picture and threw it to the ground. I saw the Tails Doll in the trees, in the darkness, with those horrible eyes. I ran outside. I was in a large crowd, but i didn't care -- the doll was still alive!

I shouted, "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" I freaked out, screaming. People tried to calm me, but I screamed "Damn! You've got to believe me. The Doll lives!"

When they tried to take me to an institution, I broke free of their grip. I ran into the forest to hide. It might have been my imagination, but when I was running, the howling wind in the trees sounded like someone humming "Can you Feel the Sunshine."

I found a house. I went in for shelter. It was a vacant, condemned house. Little did I notice until it was too late, that the Tails Doll was staring out the window, waiting for me to come in. When I did, I stared at it, and went into shock. My eyes hurt -- they were bleeding! DAMN!! I was going to die here!! Fueled by panic, I crashed through the window. Glass flew everywhere, and I blindly grabbed at the Doll. Its fabric tore apart in my hands.

I buried the Tails Doll's remains. Then I passed out.

When I woke up, I was buried alive in the dirt with ants crawling all over my face! Six hours later I was found and speed to the "Sunshine County Hospital." As the nurse loaded me up with tranquilizers, I noticed their slogan was "Can you Feel the Sunshine".

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