I used to be a fan of Sonic R.

I played this game all the time ten years ago. It was my favorite game, I was INSANE about it. I had unlocked every character but the Tails Doll, and I used him very often. Later, my best friend, Alex, told me about how the Tails Doll kills people, and comes out of screens. I just told him that it's fake and not to worry about it.

After a while, I got a new computer. I never had a Saturn, and I used the converted computer version. Sonic R stopped working. A few years later, I saw a picture of the Tails Doll on a sign. Under it there was a caption "God Have Mercy".

I immediately ran home. Once I got there, I opened up Google and searched "Tails Doll." The website I found told me to release it from it's imprisonment in the game, Sonic R. I plopped the disc in, not bothering to clean it. It worked. I quickly unlocked the Tails Doll and broke the seal.

I'd been inside for a while, so I went outside to get a breath of fresh air. There was an orange cat right in front of my door. It dashed off, and turned around a bush. I swear it had two tails. I went back inside. My radio was playing "Can you feel the sunshine?" I turned it off, and went upstairs for bed.

Now, I had a few sonic plushies. They were all at the end of my bed. I laid my head on the pillow, and looked up. My Tails Doll, was hovering above me, with a pin in it's head and a zipper down it's back! I grabbed my pistol, which was on the side of the table, and shot. I passed out. When I awoke, all of my Sonic plushies had giant red pins in their heads, and were hanging from the wall. The Tails Doll was nowhere to be seen. The only evidence I found was a post-it note. "Your next, Jacob. Your are worth it to me."

True story.

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