The worst nightmare that can ever happen is to be controlled by the most evil plushie.

It was one week ago. I was at school and there was a guy who was really annoying because he was kept hitting me and eating my lunch. When I got home there was no one, like usual, because my parents have a night job that they start at 5 P.M. I don't know why, but I was in the mood to listen to "Can You Feel the Sunshine."

After the song, all the lights in the house went out. Then I saw it...those eyes...those arms...his red bloody gem...the Tails Doll! He was in front of me. I got totally scared and I asked him, "Wh...why are y-you here!?"

I didn't see his lips moving, but I heard what he was saying: "Don't worry little human. I don't want your blood. But your hatred is big enough to help me."

"What!? Why would I want to help you kill people!?"

"I bet there is at least someone you want too kill."

Then I was thinking about it. If I had the Tails Doll's power, I could do anything! So, I decided to accept. He merge with me. I fet...funny. Like if I fed on sadness and hatred. On my head there was a red bloody antenea.

Soon, I arrived at the home of the one I chose. I splintered his door with a knife that I took from my kitchen. When I saw his mother and his dad, I felt conflicted. That's when I realized that I wasn't controlling myself anymore! He made me kill those people that I didn't want to die. There was blood everywhere, because I chopped their heads off and scattered their organs everywhere in the house.

When I got to his bedroom, he was playing Sonic R, though he didn't have the Tails Doll on his menu. We got behind him and broke his arms and legs. After that, the Tails Doll made me eat is flesh. After 2 or 3 hours, there was nothing more than a skeleton left, with blood on his bones. Then I passed out because, the taste of flesh lingering in my mouth.

I woke up in my bed. I was all sweaty. Then I realized that it was all a dream. But, when i was about to leave my room, I noticed a red light in my closet. When I opened it, there were 3 corpses on the floor. On the wall, written in organs and blood were the words "Your body is very comfortable."

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