Hey, my name's Mason, age 17. It's about three-thirty in the morning, but I have some important details about a possible "weapon" against the Tails Doll...

I recently bought Sonic Gems Collection and have made progress to reaching the 100% completion. But, even though I'm about 70% complete, I do have the famous dread about the curse. I believe I may have even heard it, or some sound caused by it -- unusual noises that my house DOES NOT make. I have tried the deal of doing the 4-way tag with Super Sonic on Resort Island. Yes, I know, it's wrong character, but I have a theory that since Super Sonic touched Tails Doll, TD stole some of that super energy and is trying to break through. If nothing else, it's freaking me out.

I researched the Tails Doll, to see if there's any way to protect against it. The most successful way seems to be a Sonic character plushie, although there seems to be a couple of stray cases where they're useless. I also saw one about a girl using witch magic with protective charms, but that failed. But, I have found one common thing... "evilness," of course. Darkness, hate, the "eighth sin" from another person, blood- and soul- thirsty. But what is the common enemy of Darkness? Light. Or, a person's inner light, which could be called faith. I'm guessing faith in a Light-associated higher being. It seems to be working for me, as I put my faith in the Christian-based God (no, I'm not trying to convert you). So, I'm pumping the room with songs associated with my faith.

I am going to try -- no, WILL -- finish the game 100%, as I have not let a game beat me yet. I will be using my faith as a repellent against the Tails Doll. I'll try to give the results to the good sir who is spreading the word about the curse, one way or another...also, I don't have a plushie, so if this doesn't work, I'm gonna be hating myself for a looooong time!

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