The Tails Doll doesn't want anyone to know about it. I know it. I've never played Sonic- R myself (thank GOD I never will!), but I've been researching your website, along with others. I've been trying to spread the word of the Tails Doll. However, when I tried to give my friends some info, the e-mail wouldn't submit, yet when I sent a different e-mail 30 seconds later, there were no problems. Also, I had attempted to spread the word on forums. Oddly enough, the browser window that I was typing on had closed and numerous Sonic-related pop-ups... popped up. One of them was simply blank, except for three things:

1.) "Can you feel the sunshine?"

2.) A picture of Tails Doll standing there on tile.

3.) That same picture, except with no Tails Doll...

I need to get the secret out to more people. I'll do everything I can to support the cause (except play Sonic-R. GOD, NO!!). Don't feel the sunshine.

It's Levi again. I have yet to meet Tails Doll himself, but he's definitely watching me. One wasn't exactly direct, but 2 things have happened to me since my last update:

1.) I had a dream that in Guitar Hero III, a certain evil plushie was unlocked. His guitar was Sonic's head and spine. Can you guess what song was unlocked? Yep. "Can You Feel The Sunshine". I was playing normally, and I decided to use Star Power. Well, Tails Doll disappeared (except for his red orb thingy on his head), and he sucked out my soul. I woke up.

2.) I was watching Chowder (don't ask), when in one part, two characters were supposed to be replaced for a moment by dolls. Instead of the characters, there were two Tails Dolls!

That's not all: I have a possible weakness for Tails Doll: There is a cheat to make 2 people select the same character (Saturn: X/Y/Z when you're selecting a character. PC: Hold the Change View button and press Action when selecting a character.), right? Anyway, when Tails Doll tags Super Sonic, he sucks out his energy, correct? What if Tails Doll tagged Tails Doll? I have two theories:

1.) Two Tails Dolls are unleashed, and we're all gonna die faster than before. 2.) Tails Doll would drain his own energy and destroy himself.

I've said this before: I will NOT play Sonic R, but I want to know what will happen. Anyone who performs this, please send the results to Quacker & Bowen or me (levimael95@]

Don't tag Super Sonic, though. PLEASE, FOR YOUR OWN GOOD!!

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