You have all heard of the Seven Deadly Sins. The Tails Doll is the eight.

My encounter with the beast has changed me forever, and I will never remember the emotions of joy and happiness. I am forever lost within my hate and depression. The Tails Doll has taken everything from me, and leaves me wishing for death. A terrible omen, obviously worse than death. I have come before you to tell you the dangers of listening to your pride. Be warned, as the Tails Doll could be watching and waiting for you to mess up.

I am fourteen years old. I have a loving girlfriend and a great society to live in. My name is Adam, and my girl's name is Sharen. When I first met, I thought we would be perfect for each other. We had so much in common, it was unbelievable. One commonality that we share is our love for the Sonic the Hedgehog series. We were absolutely mad about Sonic, and it was so much fun to share that with someone else. However, this love with cause nothing but grief, when that certain day came.

We were both missing the game “Sonic R” in our collection. She decided to go on eBay to search for the original, and I decided to play it through Sonic Gems Collection. I bought Sonic Gems, and she bought herself Sonic R along with a Sega Saturn. So after almost beating her file, I decided to head home, as it was getting late. I have already achieved 100% on my own file, and she was still at 99%. She was missing a character, and she knew it was the Tails Doll. She already unlocked it though, but it is for some reason, missing from the character selection screen. From what I've been told, she then went through what she had to do in order to re-unlock it. This was the biggest mistake ever made in her life.

When she unlocked it, the screen fuzzed out. Her Saturn started to malfunction, and she hit it once. It came back on, and when she looked at her screen, she saw the Tails Doll victory screen. She remained calm, and decided to shut off her Saturn, but the image remained on for a few seconds after it shut off. Then it disappeared. She went to take a shower after the experience, as she was a little stressed. When she came out, her mirror was fogged from the hot water. She noticed a little orange fuzz in the reflection of the mirror. She went up and wiped the fog off, but the orange image was gone. She shrugged it off, and went into her bedroom. She saw her Tails plushie there, but an arm, a leg, and its head was ripped off. She jumped back. The stuffing inside of it suddenly turned into fresh blood, and she screamed.

She proceeded to leave her room, but then the actual Tails Doll appeared before her. She was backed into a corner, and the doll gave her a menacing look. The doll seemed to be communicating with her, but telepathically. It gets into your mind, and instantly knows your greatest fears. It noticed that she didn’t fear the curse. It said to her, “Pitiful little girl. Have you no fear of death itself? I am the deliverer of evil. You will do as I say, and I will spare your life. You are my slave. Now, I need to attain full power, and the only way to do that it through a game called Sonic Gems Collection. Miyamoto’s seal does not let me out of the game, but it does not stop me from getting in. With my power of the Saturn version of Sonic R and the power of Super Sonic in Sonic Gems, I shall become a GOD”. She had no choice but to submit to its power. That’s when she realized that I was the only one with a copy of Sonic Gems.

I was messing around in Sonic R when she came over. I knew about the curse, but I still chose to play as the Tails Doll, for fun. Sharen came in, and asked me for a favor. I looked into her eyes, and they were not the same blue they normally were. They were a deep red. I said, “Of course. What do you need?” She said, “Let’s prove a curse wrong, honey. Play as the Tails Doll, and go into a tag match with Super Sonic”. I didn’t question her, I just did it. I put aside my fear of the curse, and went ahead to tag Super Sonic. It’s like she got into my head and controlled my actions. I had no say in it. As soon as I tagged Super Sonic, the power in my house went out, yet my GameCube and TV were still on. Then I heard an evil laughter, similar to the game over laughter in Sonic CD. I had then realized that I had been tricked by the Tails Doll.

The Tails Doll spoke to me through Sharen. “You fool! You have now just given me the powers of a god! And your friend’s soul is MINE! But.. wait.. I can’t leave her body! No!” Sharen was starting to come back, she said “Please my love… I need you to stab me in my heart.. please, if you kill me it will die along with me.. I –GACK- augh, please quickly.. I love you Adam..” I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. I started to cry, but I picked up my dagger I had in my drawer. I stabbed her. I stabbed my happiness. She dropped to the floor dead, and I fell on my back, crying. Her blood was on my hands, and it dripped down to my cheek. At that moment, the Doll sprang out from her body. It laughed. “You fool.. you are pathetic. How could I be trapped in someone I possessed? Now, how can you live with yourself? After killing the woman loved, for no real purpose?” I replied, “DAMN IT! HOW COULD YOU DO THIS TO ME!? I’LL DESTROY YOU, SOME HOW!”

I was in denial. The Tails Doll then decided to make my life a living hell, and cursed me with immortality. I remained youthful, and I could never die. After all, how could I die, when "he" owned my soul. I still had my family though, but they would never believe me. The Tails Doll had then decided to possess me whenever I get angry. When my family called me a lunatic, I became enraged. The Tails Doll took over, my eyes went red, and I picked up the same dagger that killed my Sharen. I slit my mother’ s throat, stabbed my father’s heart, chopped off my little brother’s arm, and decapitated my baby sister. I had officially gone insane. I had almost lost everything; all I had now were my friends. At least for 2 days.

At school, my friends left me as soon as the heard what happened. It enraged me again, and the Tails Doll took control, and I could hear his sinister laugh. I killed everyone I loved with that same dagger. I was left with nothing. My life was torn apart, and I couldn’t end my life because of my immortality. I may have suffered the worst fate out of all the Tails Doll victims. One day, I was in my room. Every bright object in my room turned red from blood. The people I killed were there, at least their heads. I was on the floor, crying. My tears seemed to be blood. The Tails Doll appeared before me. It said, “I will return your soul to you. Since you are now my apprentice, you can continue to be immortal. You will now join me on my conquest of the world. What do you say?” I said, “No. I have given you enough of what you want. Blood.” “Fine. I will not kill you. Your immortal guilt is a far greater curse. But I ask you for one more thing. Your dagger. I will use your dagger to kill my victims, and you will feel the victims death is because you, after all, it will be your dagger who kills them. Now, hand it to me, and I will leave you alone, forever.” I pulled the bloody dagger from my pocket. “Here, just take it. Take it and get out of my life, forever. You vile monster, I ask you for one thing in return. Do not curse your victims as you have cursed me. Just kill them, make it easier for them.” “No. There is no fun in that. Goodbye, forever.”

I came back to my senses, and went on my computer. I went to this site to share my story of woe with you before I turn myself in to the police. Please, if you don’t want to end up wishing for death then please, don’t release the Tails Doll.

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