Hello everyone! I'm Shira, and just like all of you, I have a story... (Sorry if I make horrible mistakes, I'm Dutch and 12 years old, So, please don't blame me.)

The Tails Doll, a cute, but horrible creature. I drew him a few times, and played with him in Sonic R (On Gems Collection) . I never met him, though, until two days ago...

It was at midnight when I woke up. I thought something had touched me. I switched my light on -- nothing. I just thought "My stupid imagination, it was nothing, just nothing..." But I didn't even believe myself. That same night (a few hours later, I couldn't sleep anymore) I felt the same thing, but even worse. The pain was going trough my whole body. I didn't wanted to look, because I've had read some stories about the Tails Doll. And I knew I did some wrong things.

The next morning I looked at my leg -- a contusion, and not a normal one! In the contusion I could decipher letters "TAILS DOLL." That was the moment I knew the curse was true, really true. I told it to my parents, but they said it was just a fairy tale. I walked away, knowing that going further wasn't an option. Later, in class I told my friend, they started laughing, saying that was the best "story" they ever heard. No one believed me. No one. After school was over, I called my best friend, Angel (Thats not her real name) and told her what happened. She believed me and talked about it. She always believes me, and I always believe her. That was wrong, very wrong, the greatest mistake I could ever make, because the Tails Doll sees, hears and knows everything.

It was 4:30 PM and I was in the mood to play Sonic heroes, so I did. I put the game in my PS2 and started to play, but there was something wrong. Tails was the Tails Doll! So, I decided to play as Team Chaotix, but Charmy had changed into Tails Doll too! I was shocked. He knows where I am and I cant escape anymore. "Can you feel the sunshine ACID remix" played, the token that he's really there.

I stepped aside, as the Tails Doll came out the TV. I looked at him he looked at me, his soulless eyes, they where freaking scary. He started to talk, his voice was just as horrible as his eyes. "You though I was real, did you, you believed in the curse, but just drew me and played tag as me, you're a daredevil for a mortal..." He stopped talking. I had to answer him. I wanted to, but I couldn't. He started talking again. "What's the matter? Lost your tongue? If not, answer me now!" I began to talk, whether I wanted or not, I said this: "Why are you doing this? Why do you kill humans? Don't you have a heart!?"

He just smirked "No, I don't have a heart, nor do I have anything else. I AM A DOLL. Now answer my question. Why did you just draw and play as me?" I started to feel kind of dizzy. He had a knife -- a long sharp knife. "I just enjoyed playing as you -- you move funny, and you're easy and good to draw. Also you're kinda cute without the whole curse thing..."

First he was a little bit shocked, then even more angry. He floated towards me, with the knife in his hand. I ran away and searched for my own weapon. I found my Official Sonic and Shadow plushies and turned them to him. He started laughing. "That doesn't work anymore, someone already did that, find something better if you want to survive." So I ran to my desk and pick up a drawing of the Tails Doll, along with one of my OCs,Yuri, a little girl who is obsessed with dolls, especially the Tails Doll. I shoved the drawing in his face. He stopped floating and fell on the ground.

I looked at him, he vanished with the words "If you want to, draw me. I'll spare you if you draw me every month" He left something behind -- a little doll that looked like him with a note on it. The note read "When the drawing is finished, show it to the doll, then I will see it, and keep it."

Now, I am Tails Doll's personal artist -- a kind of drawing slave. But I like it. I don't have a problem with it.

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