This didn't happen long ago...

I had gotten Sonic R last year, and after many months decided to play it. It was great to go back and play such a cool PC game. I decided to wrap up by playing as Tails Doll on Resort Island. The course was rainy --

Wait. I didn't set the course to have such weather!

I assumed it was just a glitch and started racing. I came in last and was mad so I quit. I started playing Super Smash Bros. Brawl on my Wii. I played the last level in the story mode to see if I could beat the final boss in the hardest mode. While I was going to the boss battle, I noticed a small door up really high. I could not reach it with a character that had a weak jump, so I purposely died to use my next character who had better jumping abilities. When I went through the door, I swear all my lights flickered. It showed a strange cutscene with a pitch black room. Suddenly, the Tails Doll appeared in the screen. I had to battle him?!? It took me about 10 tries to beat him, but when I did, I got a message:


I was bewildered, but I went to the character selection screen. There was Tails Doll. I did a battle with him and he killed everyone in 1 hit. I decided to stop playing because it was too weird. I went to bed and seemed to fall asleep immediately. The next day I felt like trying the Tails Doll on WiFi. I shouldn't have. Tails Doll killed the person that was playing against him in WiFi! Now I have two curses: the tails doll curse and the curse of guilt....

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