Hey, all. My name is... Well, call me Enigma. I saw a video about the Tails Doll curse on youtube a few weeks back, so I decided to search it on Google. I found this site. I read the stories and really believed it was all BS. Even so, I decided to try out the curse to prove them all wrong. I've had a Sonic R CD forever, but never beat it. I unlocked everyone and tagged Super Sonic last with the Tails Doll. Nothing happened.

I showed some believing friends, put it on youtube, got a bit too cocky. Then one day HE showed up. I was doing a plain old race on Resort Island, wondering why "Sunshine" is his theme when Super Sonic came out of nowhere and slammed me, playing the Tails Doll by the way, into the ring door. He stayed in place blocking me. It was almost like he WANTED me to lose. The robots were catching up, when I sidestepped Sonic. I rushed into the trees with Sonic hot on my trail. I knocked him into the loop-de-loop.

When he came out, it was too late. I won. But something was wrong. The Tails Doll didn't do his normal little dance. He floated up towards me. The other characters were looking at me -- they were angry. Sonic was shaking his head and Robo was waving his fist at me. Tails Doll went through the screen and hovered above my chair as I ran to the door which locked.

"You really want to meet me, don't you human? So many times you opened the door. So many times you mocked my existence. Well, now that I'm here, it's time for you to die." Things seemed to slow down. I heard the lock click open. Tails Doll lunged so I grabbed him and threw him onto my bed, which I wouldn't see for a long time. Then I ran downstairs and into the playroom. Fortunately my little brother's (wooden) sword and shield were out so I scooped it up and strapped on the shield. Just than the Tails Doll burst in and froze as he saw the sword. "I thought humans stopped using wooden sticks hundreds of years ago?" it said. "Yeah, but they still hurt like Hell", I said as I stabbed him where his heart should be. It looked at the wound, then at me. "Now you've pissed me off." He lunged for me but I blocked him with the shield... or thought I did because he passed right through it and my skin. I went unconscious as 'Living in the City" started playing from nowhere in particular. I awoke in a cell, chained to a wall. For days I wai-

Hell, he's found me. Listen, I'll try to pass on more words but for now Enigma signing off.

It has come to my attention that a band of Freedom Fighters has formed consisting of you readers. Anyone who joins will be hunted down and killed -- so says the Tails Doll. As for Enigma, the leader of the so-called force, he will be executed. Do not try to resist, I will find you all.

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