Ah, yes, the Tails Doll... The "Ultimate evil," or even referred to as "Satan" incarnated into a re-creation of Tails that hovers, etc... But I can't believe I haven't told you my name! I'm from the "Club Rouge" forums, TDF (TailsDollFan). No, I'm not some freak obsessed guy (I'm just bad a user-names). But on to the real thing --

Just like Aru, I am awaiting the Tails Doll, but haven't had ANYTHING show he's doing anything about me! I haven't had any dreams (well, actually a few, but he's usually just a cameo). I haven't had any connection! No "post-its" no "Accidental Deaths" on the news. I have tagged Super Sonic about 15 times, still nothing! I have insulted TD a few times (to provoke him) I have even done the bathroom trick (well, yet again, I am terrified of dark, so I had my friend do it) and NOTHING happened. Sigh...

I have actually kinds given up all hope together on Tails Doll. Call me a fool or a retard if you like, but remember: YOU didn't believe in the curse before he appeared, irony, eh? The only thing that goes into satanic reference is that I am starting to see "666" a lot. For example, during math, my teacher told us that one third in decimal form is 66.6 and stuff like that. And I do have a Tails Plush, that I sleep with (along with my Kirby plushes) every night.

The creepy thing is, when my Tails Plush is next to me, no matter what angle I put him at, I feel a sort of negative aura around me. And in the dark, its mouth seems to literally disappear, and the eyes seem to turn completely lifeless...

Well, their you go.

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