I'm her cousin. You can call me, Sonia. I had a run in with this doll you all know so well to be the TAILS DOLL.

"Ember, get up," I had called up the stairs. No answer. "Get up, Lazy!" I yelled. No answer again. I was bored, so I decided to ring the bell we had hooked up together to wake her up. Far too late, I reached up and pulled the string to find the bell was covered in blood. It splattered me when I rang it. I screamed, and looked at my hand, and in blood were the letters "T D."

"...No...This isn't real...It's a dream..." I said. I ran upstairs while looking at the wall, which I just now realized had a long bloody trail upon it. I followed it like a good little dog, and found IT hovering over Ember. "GET AWAY FROM MY LITTLE 'COZ," I screamed. It woke up, Ember. "OMG! OMG! NO!" She screamed, and lifted up her hand. Purple flames shot from it. "WHAT THE H - " I screamed, and blacked out.

I woke up, And on the wall was a letter.

You have been spared, For now. ~ TD. P.S Do not worry about your Cousin. She will be safe with me -- for the time being.

He took my cousin. And I let him.

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