We didn’t know she was going to do it. It started out of a joke, we were playing Truth- or-Dare, the four of us. We all called each other by nicknames, and since we were all huge Sonic fans, we just had to add in our own joking monikers, too. Everyone called me “Arian the Foxcat” because I was smart and agile. Then there was “Ulf the Hedgehog”, he’s the only real fighter among us. Then there was “Gunther the Bat.” We knew she was insane, but we thought she was harmless, we really did. And then there was “Kahva the Rat” – my little brother.

Ulf was the one who asked the question of Gunther – “Who would you date again if you had the chance?” She refused and did the dare instead – stay in a darkened bathroom for five minutes. We could hear some kind of weird chanting, but couldn’t make out the words. Then the power went out, so of course we unlocked the door. Gunther just sat in there as she hates small dark places. Then it came out – we didn’t know what it was at first. Then Ulf recognized it – “Oh god! Get back!” He yelled. “It's the Tails Doll!”

Then Gunther came out. We called her a bat because she wore glasses, but they were gone now. In their place were two rubies the size of her eyes. Yet somehow she followed the Doll with a delighted giggle, lunging after Kahva without pause. “Here, master!” She giggled happily. “This one is ripe for the taking!” She pulled my little brother’s arms so far apart that with a sickening sound – much like the doll itself made, SHLRUMPY, they pulled apart from his body.

Naturally, Kahva screamed. The Tails Doll had a knife and to shut him up, cut his throat. Kahva dropped to the ground with a gurgle. This was my little brother they had just killed, so I lunged towards the Doll with my dagger and shoved it through the plush body. It just turned to look at me and that gave Ulf the time he needed. Ulf grabbed the Tails Doll and held onto it. “Arian! Go get Gunther’s Plushie!” I didn’t want to, but Ulf would die if I didn’t, even as Gunther was lurching after him with her trilling gremlin giggle.

Ulf won’t talk about what happened, but his back was nearly broken when I got there. But sure enough, I had Gunther’s beloved Knuckles Plushie. I threw it at the Tails Doll and it disintegrated on contact. Gunther screamed, releasing her grip on Ulf – she had had her teeth sunk into his side and a death grip on his upper legs. She started to scream. She was dying, we could tell, but it was slow. And we couldn’t get her to a hospital; if the Doll came back she’d be returned to its control. So I took up my dagger and stabbed her in the heart.

“Come on, Arian. Let’s get out of here. It could come back at any time.” Ulf grabbed me under the shoulders. “Pack a change of clothes and hurry.” I nodded, not thinking straight yet. I did as I was told, Ulf had his keys, and a bag of his own when I got back there. “We’re going to go as far away as we can.” He got me in the car and started to drive.

I’m typing from a hotel now. Ulf and I are sharing a room, pretending to be a young married couple. We’ll make the Tails Doll pay for what he did to Kahva and Gunther. Even if others won’t help us, we’ll make it pay! We will!

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