I have never played Sonic R. I never saw it that day, but I believe it was him who gave me what i have today.

It all began on June 17, 2006.

When I was walking home from school, for no reason at all, I blacked out. The doctors had said that I didn't have enough water that day -- but I had 6 glasses that morning. The next day, when walking home, I found a yin-yang symbol where I had passed out. Nearby, were two Tails Dolls -- one white and one black. I took both of them home.

I put them next to my Sonic plushy. The next day when I woke up, the black Tails Doll was missing. Over the next few days, I had started to develop sudden strength. Almost like Knuckles! But then, on July 17, I suddenly fell into a 3 week coma. While I was out, I dreamt that I was on Angel Island. Sonic and Tails had told me that I had a special gift.

I still live my normal life. I am currently in 8th grade. Everyone now knows not to get me mad, because two things happen --

1) Every thing goes black.

2) Both of the Tails Dolls will attack the person who had made me mad. If you think this is a lie, you'll see the truth.

I'm watching you.

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